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Flowers, bicycles, umbrellas and special lunches: back to school around the world

The sadness as the summer fades, the adrenaline rush of a new adventure and even a touch of impatience for the more curious and bold among us. The beginning of a new school year is certainly one of the most exciting times for children, and people all over the world celebrate in wonderful ways. Some give their teachers flowers, some receive a curious, good-luck umbrella, whilst, for others, a packed lunch tied with a bow does the trick. So, with a few hours still to go before the long-awaited first bell, let’s take a look at the most original #backtoschool traditions!

In the USA: let’s all celebrate and have a good time

Americans don’t need much excuse to party. And a new school year is as good as any! Pupils throw “back to school” parties for their class mates and even invite their teachers! The perfect opportunity to get together after the holidays, share study resources and make a collective experience out of heading back to school, full of good intentions. After all, a problem shared is a problem halved!

In Russia: roses are red…

In Russia, the start of the school year coincides with the “Den’ Znanij“ or “ Day of Knowledge”. On this special day, boys dress to impress and girls decorate their plaits with ribbons and white petals. Each pupil brings a bunch of flowers or balloons for their teacher. And before lessons begin, one of the older children lifts a first year pupil onto their shoulders to ring the bell for the start of term!

Russian children on their special first day of school. Via Pagina Facebook @centroItalEka

In India: studying… in the rain! 

Ever thought of giving your children an umbrella for the start of school? No? Obviously you’ve never been to India, where, on the first day of school - the unpronounceable  “praveshanotshavan” - pupils receive umbrellas in an array of beautiful colours! A strange but incredibly useful gift, since the end of the holidays coincides with the start of the relentless monsoon season!

In Japan: rice, quail eggs and seaweed sauce

When Japanese children go back to school in April, their mothers, dressed in beautiful kimonos for the occasion, prepare their randoseru: a back pack for their pencil case, books, origami paper and slippers to wear in class. They also pack their special first lunch: rice, quail eggs and seaweed sauce. The children eat this traditional “good luck” meal together during the traditional Nyugakushiki ceremony.

Japanese children wearing typical randoseru back packs. Via Pagina Facebook @CacadoresdeLendasJapao

In Holland: a bicycle ride

Have you ever seen a bakfietsen? It is a bicycle with a sort of basket on wheels in front. These so-called cargo bikes are a very popular green mode of transport in the Netherlands. At the start of a new year, kids hop into the front and set off to school like little emperors in their chariots!

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