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From a wicker basket to the NBA finals: the history of basketball

Sport is a show. And there is no better show than the NBA Finals, the last episode of the long American basketball season, which this year more than ever before has thrilled millions of fans of all ages over the world, who have been glued to the TV up to the last game to see the Toronto Raptors, the underdog, steal away the crown from the favourite multi champions Golden State Warriors.

And it is true that basketball heroes now are second only to soccer champions. In Italy too, where basketball is one of the most popular sports practised by kids. A complete discipline that offers entertainment, competitiveness and respect for the opponent, and is also very well-liked by moms because, besides promoting socialization, it is also a proper work out for the backbone. Have you ever wondered who was the first to score a three-point shoot?

The first rules

Usually, it is a complicated deal to piece together the history of a sport. For example, it is hard to pin point the first person who kicked a ball. But we know almost everything there is to know about basketball. We know that the first game had very different rules from those followed today by the great champions Steph Curry and LeBron James, and that the ball was not designed to bounce therefore it was not possible to move forward while dribbling, and the baskets had a closed bottom, so every time a point was scored, the ball had to be retrieved using a stick.

LeBron James, one of the best players of all times.

The first couch

Basketball was invented in 1891 in Massachusetts by a physical education instructor, James Naismith. In consideration of the rigid winter temperature, the instructor was asked to come up with a sport his students (especially football players) could practise indoors and that had limited physical contact to prevent injuries. With a soccer style ball and fruit baskets, Naismith created this bizarre discipline where the players dribbled the ball up to reaching a position sufficiently favourable to shoot inside a basket placed three meters high. The word association was immediate: ball + basket = basketball.

The first game

The first game was not really a success: few spectators and even less thrills. It took place on December 21, 1891 and it ended with one single basket, the first one in history, scored by a young man called William R. Chase. Rather quickly, basketball became popular in all of the United States and then in Europe, including Italy.
A basketball summer

There are many initiatives for our kids to enjoy playing basketball and stay fit after the end of the school. A special mention goes to “Jam Camp“: the biggest summer camp in Italy dedicated to basketball. A unique event that draws also the big names of the Italian league and the NBA, and that allows those who play to perfect the technique and those who just started to get to know about the world of basketball.


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