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Best Friends Day 2019: motion pictures’ most amazing best friends

June 8th is Best Friends Day, the global the celebration dedicated to the values of friendship, perhaps the most sincere and honest of feelings, the only one that can overcome any rule and distance: physical, physiological and of gender.                                    
Over the course of time, many great philosophers and poets have dedicated wonderful thoughts to the bond of friendship. From Cicero, who said: «Robbing life of friendship is like robbing the world of the sun» to Voltaire’s “All the grandeur in the world is not to be compared to a good friend».                    
In the era of social networks where the term “friend” is too often used to describe contacts rather than real relationships, stories of great friendships still have a lot to teach us. Especially one thing: when friendships are real, they are blind to stereotypes or differences.                    
They can happen at any moment, at any age: between men and women, children and animals, even with stuffed ones, and toys. This is what life teaches us every day, and we have learned about it in a spectacular way also in the movies. Here are four must see movies to watch with our children in this special day. To keep growing up, becoming better people and sharing our emotions in harmony with the other one, with everyone. From all of us at #OriginalMarines, Happy Best Friends Day!

E.T. the Extra-terrestrial     

We, really every one of us, are moved by ”E.T. the Extra-terrestrial”, Steven Spielberg’s masterpiece, when we watch it on the television or at the cinema, the story of a unique bond established almost by chance between a child and an extra-terrestrial who ended up on planet Earth despite himself. That bittersweet happy ending leaves a clear and unmistakable message to entire generations: through courage and compassion, we can be inside the heart of those who are light years away from us.                   

The Lion King

                                        Timon and Pumbaa, the protagonists of The Lion King. Via Facebook Page@iandpeevo                

 For certain, the ultimate odd couple. It’s impossible to forget the legendary Timon and Pumbaa from “The Lion King”: a warthog and a lemur united in the philosophy of hakuna matata. Their profound friendship, although eccentric and unconventional, instils in young Simba the strength to face off wicked Scar and conquer the throne of the savannah.              

La gabbianella e il gatto, aka Lucky and Zorba

Sometimes friendship ignores also the inflexible laws of nature, as it is the case of the movie “La gabbianella e il gatto” from Luis Sepulveda’s story titled “The Story of a Seagull and the Cat Who Taught Her to Fly”. A classic fairy tale, where Zorba the big cat goes far beyond its predator instinct and helps Fifi the seagull to overcome the fear of flying towards her flock.                    

Toy Story

Two of the most famous toys in the world: Sheriff Woody and heroic Buzz Lightyear. Via Facebook Page@iandpeevo              

Often a common objective pits one against the other, but it might also make us realize how similar we are, and that we can be best friends. This is what happens between Woody the cowboy and Space Ranger Buzz Lightyear in “Toy Story”. Their antagonism for the role of Andy’s preferred toy transforms over time in one of the most extraordinary and sincere companionship in the history of animation movies, highlighted also by the legendary soundtrack “You’ve got a friend in me”: «As the years go by                            
Our friendship will never die».                   


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