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Tiny strategies for a smooth back to school

Back to School is upon us and it may be a tough time for children to face. Having to suddenly give up summer habits, relaxed rhythms, long hours of sleep or entire days spent outdoors in order to resume the daily grind is never simple. Luckily, there are good practices that mums and dads can adopt to make the change as serene and gentle as possible.

Waking up and going to bed at the right time

If we’d ask our children what is the most difficult thing about going back to school, nine times out of ten we’d get the same answer: waking up early in the morning. And, truth be told, no one would like to give up hours of sleep after a “rules free” summer. Some days before the first school bell rings, let’s set the clock: let us try to retrain our kids to wake up early by gradually reaching the right time for school. It is important not to go to bed too late at night: after dinner, some TV watching all together, maybe a little book reading then all to bed!

Healthy and regular breakfast

It may happen to neglect having a regular breakfast while on vacation, because – who knows why! – Danish and croissants at the beach are always better! Let us re-establish some normality, starting the day with healthy, nutritious food that can provide the energy needed to study. One suggestion? Fresh squeezed orange juice: a good dose of vitamin C to prevent sudden drops of energy!

Board games and some homework

After free TV time, web series and video games, it is time to reverse course. Let us involve the children in activities that require greater concentration. OK to puzzles, board games and drawing for the little ones, even some homework for those of school age. This will train them in the habit to remain seated, just like in school.

Back to School party

Getting together with schoolmates before school starts can just be the right trick in making the return more pleasant. In the United States, for example, Back to School party is a tradition. Parties to say goodbye to the summer with close friends and to set a positive mood to sweep away anxieties. Why not having such party?

Searching for the perfect backpack!

Searching for the school diary or, better yet, the backpack is something not be underestimated: it’s a fun thing to do and it can even turn into a game to make our little pupils feel at centre stage of something great and new, a real event! At Original Marines we want to give you a hand with the Back to School promotion: for every 60€ of online or in store purchases, you will get a free super soft backpack! Only thing you’ll have to do is choosing your favourite colour and be off on a great start: school is cool!


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