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Wild kids: there's no stopping our princesses!

 Kids aren't like they used to be...and we can safely say this is a good thing!  As we watch our daughters growing up, we see more than just beautiful princesses: they're proud, little women who are self-assured, energetic, ready to play and have fun. They have absolutely no intention of standing on the sidelines and missing out. As a song that lots of mummies (and daddies!) listened to when they were young goes: “Girls just want to have fun”. What could be better than watching these girls as they have fun, play and joke? They enjoy wearing pink but are certainly not scared of a little dirt. They want to be beautiful, but they also want to become astronauts, the president, Olympic champions and make their voices heard.

Hermione and others: the heroines of girls today

The photographer Christin Rose has dedicated an exclusive initiative for girls of today, dynamic and bursting with life: “sheplayswewin“: beautiful images, packed with emotions and the joy of girls doing sport. Skateboarding, car racing and football have always been seen as quintessentially masculine endeavours, but now girls are claiming their share of the fun too. And we're not just talking sports. The creative whizzes at Disney knew they were onto something when they started populating their films with heroines rich in character. Mulan, Pocahontas, Merida The Brave, Vaiana from Moana and Elsa from Frozen. They're all very different models from "old school" Cinderella and Snow White. Just like other well-loved children's heroes: the tough and loveable Pippi Longstocking, fantastic Hermione from Harry Potter, but also more recent inspirations such as Marinette from Miraculous - Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir. All top choices for Carnival costumes - what better proof of their success?  

Some tips for raising a wonderful little woman

As parents, we shouldn't forget that even though our little girls dream of shooting a bow and arrow, or racing on a motorbike, sometimes they still need us. Our job is to support and help them, in sports and life. Raising children is a tough job and it may happen that someone calls our girl a "tomboy", that she feels different because she prefers football over princesses, or that she feels insecure about not being beautiful or intelligent enough. 

Whenever our “heroine” is feeling down, we should make her feel loved, make sure she understands just how much she means to us, restore her faith and guide her along a path which will enable her to grow into a proud, unshakeable woman who is ready to face up to challenges, overcome her own weaknesses, accept and love herself for what she truly is. In the words of the African model Alek Wek, one of the protagonists of Italy's top-selling book in 2017: "You're beautiful. It's OK to be quirky, it's fine to be shy.  You don't have to go with the crowd".  A wonderful sentence dedicated to all girls. The title of this book? As if you didn't know already: Good Night Stories For Rebel Girls A series of stories dedicated to brave, anti-conformist girls who made their own dreams come true. Just like our own, beautiful and strong princesses.


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