A more original return to school than usual: anti-stress tips for parents

Summer is over and the return to school has arrived. You know, it has always been an important moment for both parents and children, almost like another New Year. Except that instead of the barrels there are the driin of the alarm clock, the "mum another 5 minutes" and the sound of the bell to mark the beginning of a new year: the school year.

And this year is an even more awaited return, after last year parents and children from all over the world had to adapt to numerous changes and a new way of living the everyday: the kitchen table has been transformed into an office, the living room in your own classroom.

For this reason, we would like to give you some advice on how to make your children enjoy this particular back to school in the best possible way:

Whet his curiosity

Is your daughter or son longing for the summer holidays? It arouses a bit of curiosity by explaining how many new things you can learn, as well as the joy you can feel in finding old friends or meeting new ones.

Come on, don't minimize!

Listen to his questions, even if repeated and insistent, without minimizing, it is important to take the time to talk to him about his emotions as adults and let them express their fears related to this experience.

Get help if needed

If you think your child may be suffering from separation, it might be useful to ask for the support of a teacher or a contact within the school who could be of help.

Let me experiment with style

For children and teenagers, school is a test and their way of being can be expressed in their clothing. The night before the big day, take some time out and decide together what to wear the next morning. On originalmarines.com you will find many ideas that can accompany you in your choice, between practical and versatile clothes for your needs but also stylish in a thousand different ways for the pleasure of wearing them for the little ones.

So everyone has a good return to school… even all parents.