Green good intentions for the new year

2021 has begun and as always in this period it is time for good intentions and small promises to make for the new year. For 2021 we have chosen to offer you four good practices that do good not only for you, but also for the planet earth: here are four good green resolutions for the new year.

1. Making the house a green place

Plants, we know, have real superpowers. Arranging green spaces in the home (and in the office) leads to multiple benefits: it improves mood, gives well-being, softens the aesthetic appearance of the rooms and also makes a valuable contribution to our health. Plants cool in summer and warm in winter; they promote concentration in study and work, reducing noise and instilling calm, and reduce the presence of dust in the house, absorbing pollutants that are dispersed into the air. In short, the green spaces in the interiors ensure a marked improvement in one's lifestyle which, in addition to involving the aesthetic aspect, improves health and mood. Not bad as a good habit for 2021.

2. Use sustainable means of transport

The future of transport and mobility is green and for 2021 we advise you to make it your present, transforming it into your habit. Each of us can make a small contribution by making common sense choices in our daily life. The first rule that we ask you to respect is to use the energy of your legs so, if time and distances allow us, we choose first of all to go on foot, alternatively we use the sustainable means that the market offers us: bicycles , scooters, hybrid cars or public transport.

3. A walk in the middle of nature every week

Not only positive effects on the mind, but also on the body: this means walking in nature. A full immersion in nature leads to a lowering of hypertension, a drop in blood sugar and an increase in physical endurance. It does not end here. Walking in the green lowers the levels of cortisol in the blood, a hormone that raises the levels of psychophysical stress. If, then, the walk takes place in the mountains, we also have other benefits. The mountain air increases red blood cells and brings more oxygen into the blood. Basically, we get generalized well-being at no cost!

4. Use sustainable clothing

A good habit that we advise you to practice for 2021 is to buy and wear sustainable clothes. Wearing garments made respecting work and tradition, using sustainable materials is the first step to start putting this new good habit into practice. In this regard, Original Marines has designed and produced a line in organic cotton fibers. A Capsule Collection dedicated to children and our planet: Organic Cotton by Original Marines is a selection of organic cotton garments, a 100% natural fiber made according to organic agricultural standards, to promote sustainability and quality of life. Find out on the website and let's start 2021 with a beautiful sustainable look.

To transform these promises into good habits, a little commitment and attitude will be enough and we are sure that in addition to the planet you will benefit yourself. And you will start the year in the best way.