Brr… Here are the Blackbird’s days: history and curiosities of the coldest period of the year.

Tradition says that the period from 29 to 31 January is the coldest of the year. In popular thought these days are called "Blackbird’s days" and it is a curious name, known above all in northern Italy, which hides many curiosities and legendsThe best known has as its protagonist a blackbird with white and soft feathers which, risking to die from the winter frost, in the last three days of January found shelter and warmth in a chimney of a house. When, at the first warmth, it finally came out, it was February 1st, and due to the ash that had completely covered it, it had turned black. Precisely because of the cold, this is a difficult period for many birds. In northern Europe, small nests are built in wooden houses to provide shelter for birds. In Italy it is not as widespread a custom as it is in other countries of northern Europe. For example, in Sweden there are few garden owners who do not have one or more wooden birdhouses designed with original and super-equipped styles.

According to another popular belief, January was originally 28 days old and was very envious of a beautiful Blackbird who regularly tormented with the cold. This blackbird, stocked up on food, holed up and went out only when January was gone. But spiteful January asked for a loan of three days in February and unleashed snowstorms that forced the Merla to take refuge in a burning fireplace. Three days later she emerged dirty and completely covered with soot and never returned as beautiful and white as before. This legend has a grain of truth in that, actually, in the Roman calendar January had only 28 days than in 46 BC. they were removed in February with the introduction of the Julian calendar.

To these days there is also an anecdote related to the season to come. It is a popular custom to believe that if the Blackbird’s days are cold then spring will be beautiful, if they are warm then spring will come late.

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