Virtual tour to discover the museums of the world

Schools and kindergartens closed, sports activities interrupted, afternoons in the park prohibited. All of a sudden, even our children found themselves changing their habits and spending whole days away from friends, school and outdoor activities.   But technology has arrived to their rescue, to the delight of parents and teachers, and this time it isn’t not a video games. There are many online initiatives that allow children to go on with their studies or to continue to deepen small and large passions.   Among these, there is one that we at Original Marines particularly like: the opportunity to do a virtual trip of some of the most beautiful and interesting museums in the world. A unique opportunity to escape from home even with the imagination, while remaining #OriginalAtHome. The opportunity to devote some time to culture, perhaps even finding some interesting ideas for the next family trip.  Here are our 3 favorite virtual tours. Have a good discovery!


Egyptian Museum of Turin

Ancient Egypt has always had a special charm on children. So let's take advantage of these home days to visit the Egyptian Museum of Turin online! It is the second largest in the world dedicated to one of the civilizations to which we owe more for our evolution. Among pharaohs, mummies, gigantic statues and frightening finds, learning will certainly be a breeze! Extra Tip: after the tour, why not continue the Egyptian journey to the British Museum or the Metropolitan Museum of Artin New York?


Sphinx at Egyptian Museum of Turin

Natural History Museum in London

All - or almost - the wonders of Nature kept in the three floors of the Natural History Museum, one of the most popular museums for young children but also among the most complicated to visit precisely because of its extraordinary wealth. Everything will be easier online: just turn it over and over again, perhaps with a fixed appointment a week. There is plenty of choice to be seen: collections of dinosaurs, mammals, birds, plants, rocks and fossils from all over the world. And then the history of the solar system, a section entirely dedicated to Darwin and another to the extraordinary power of volcanoes. There are also many goodies, such as a unique reproduction of a tyrannosaurus and a life-size model of the blue whale. On the virtual tour website you can also access some exhibitions in Italian: don't miss the one of butterflies and moths entitled "A life written on wings". 


"Hope", the skeleton of a blue whale at National History Museum in London

In the NASA Space Center

"When I grow up I want to be an astronaut." But while waiting for the dream to come true, why not go on a patrol in the headquarters of the American Space Agency? In this way we can find out how we build some of the biggest stars and stripes missiles and how we prepare for each new launch. You can also access all the test areas to savor, or even imagine, the overwhelming conditions of life outside Earth's orbit. Ready to take off?