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Summer, a time to dream for captains courageous, little mermaids, explorers and skaters

In the summer everything seems possible: every beach can be an outpost from where our little captains courageous scan the horizon waiting to sail away to the seven seas. And it takes just a rock on the seashore for our little girls to feel like little mermaids laying in the sun, as they tame their hair with a comb made out of shells, before diving between the waves towards new explorations. And so in the world of imagination, a trail hiking between mountains and forests can transform into a lost world where our little rangers hunt for the tracks of ferocious dinosaurs and ancient treasures, and a new city to explore, with squares and shining skyscrapers, that welcomes the little skaters as they launch into acrobatics while dreaming to become champions.

But children do not need to go far away to dream: the same streets, the same park or the same backyard of always can be the centre of a thousand adventures, when school is out and the days seem to last for ever. They can play hide and seek with a band of friends in the garden or near home or venture out on their own for the first explorations. Or discover how nice it is to get together with the girlfriends in the backyard, at the park or in their room, and laugh, chat and find out the strength of girl power!

And also in this approaching summer, we moms and dads will be looking at our kids in action and admire their ability to dream. Once again, we will see them building entire imaginary worlds sparked by a tiny detail, a hat, a sailor’s T-shirt or a pink dress. We do know that a child riding a broom’s handle can make it up to be the most beautiful horse in the world.

Whichever adventure is waiting for your children this summer, whether you are about to travel to a faraway place or planning on a quiet summer of rest, you can help them enjoy it while wearing what is right for them, practical clothes, as you like, that can stimulate their imagination with colours, special designs and details. You can find all those in the Original Marines’ summer collection.


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