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Black Friday: survival kit for a smart shopping, in perfect Original style

Everybody, or almost, looks forward to the Black Friday, on the third Friday of November (right after Thanksgiving), but very few people know its origin.

The word was coined for the first time in the 50s by the Philadelphia police, when crowds of citizens, after the traditional bellyful of turkey and gravy, poured into the streets to follow the annual Army-Navy football match. Frustrated by the heavy traffic and chaos that jammed the city, policemen started calling this day “black Friday”. Only later, in the 80s, shop owners reinterpreted the unhappy nickname spreading the rumor that the word “black” referred to the colour of the ink used for profits on the accounting books to replace the colour red used for losses.

Today, despite the impressive discounts offered in store, many shoppers prefer to take advantage of such offers from the comfort of their home sofas.  Last year online orders recorded a 33.46 percent increase. It may be thanks to Millennials, who love online shopping and are very quick on grasping the enticing occasion for a bellyful of the most diverse products (especially high-tech) at half price, and all this reaches its climax on the Cyber Monday, the following Monday, dedicated to the discounts on digital items.

“I am not a shopaholic, I am helping the economy!”

A piece of advice: when making the decision remember to always ask yourself “Do I really need it?” if the answer is “Yes” only because you have two hands and you miss just that particular red nuance, then you should forget about it. Sophie Kinsella, author of the book “I Love Shopping”, teaches us!

Furthermore some of the products not to buy: toys. You will certainly find the same doll at a lower price during the first two weeks of December and you will still have time to wrap it and put it under the Christmas tree. Also tablets, computers and smartphones that are apparently at no cost, are cybernetic trash manufactured in bulk just for the occasion.  What about work-out equipment: after the holidays, when the figures on our scales will have grown significantly, we will deal with the issue and make it a new year’s resolution. Being aware of this, shop owners will then offer shiny dumb-bells and weights at half price.

What should we buy then?

Well, clothes are an old but gold of Black Friday. So don’t forget to take advantage of the Original discounts up to 50% on an assortment of articles from November 22 to 25!


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But someone doesn’t agree

To tell the truth, there are both enthusiasts and disparagers. During the years, as a form of protest against this display of consumerism, on the Saturday following the Black Friday an event called “Buy Nothing Day” is organised.

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