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5 apps to organize your week

What with shopping, meetings at work, swimming lessons for kids and plenty more besides, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by all of our commitments. However, technology can lend a hand and help us to organize everything, making sure that we can keep even the busiest weeks under control.
Here is a list of five must-have apps for your smartphone.

1. Evernote
Everything from recipes that you want to keep and shopping lists to the key points of work meetings can be stored and classified in written, spoken or photographic form in the Evernote notebook. It’s indispensable – and free.

2. Sunrise Calendar
The intuitive, user-friendly Sunrise Calendar can be synchronized with a range of services, such as iCloud, Google and Evernote. Consequently, you can check a number of calendars at the same time and connect to maps in navigation mode to guide you to your appointments.

3. My Movies
When the time comes to choose a great film to watch with the whole family, does your mind suddenly go blank, leaving you unable to remember the name of the adventure story that you couldn’t wait to see? My Movies is the answer! Your collection of past and future viewings will always be easily accessible on your smartphone.

4. Do It (Tomorrow)
This is the perfect diary for people who don’t like long-term planning. It only contains two days: today and tomorrow. It is essential for putting off until tomorrow what you haven’t done today.

5. Mint
Keeping tabs on the family budget is a tricky task. Mint makes it easier by reminding you about payments that are due soon and recording daily and recurring expenses. You will soon have everything under control.