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The best Italian adventure parks for your children

The end of the school year means summer, and summer means trips, relaxing and being light and carefree. Especially for the little ones, that left the classrooms (and the homework) behind only a little while ago and are already overexcited about having fun with us. While we, their parents, are still trapped in the usual routine and give little thought to an escape plan for the weekend, as we champ at the bit waiting for our well-deserved vacation. But there a solution: a good compromise between the limited time available in this period and our children’s great desire for freedom: organizing for them an alternative way to spend the day in the spirit of adventure!

A thrilling idea that will make them smile from the moment of choosing the outfit to wearing it for the occasion: comfortable and fresh, surely, and true to the motto “a healthy mind in a healthy body”. The ideal one? Shorts combined with a colourful t-shirt. You can find the right inspiration among the many items Original Marines offers for 2 to 12 year olds (to discover all the latest, go to the online catalogue and select among the various categories). Once you have decided on the perfect attire, all is left to do is choosing the most suitable destination: one of the best children’s parks from North to South. Here are our favourite addresses.

Northern Italy: Falesie Outdoor Park Garda Trentino

Located near the famous Policromuro cliffs of Massone, it is an easy stroll from the centre of the town of Arco. The Park is divided in two sections: the Kids area is a rock face at an angle with 9 routes of grades 3 and 4 dedicated to the characters of Ice Age. The second one, for Juniors, is an almost vertical wall with 8 routes of grades 5 and 6 dedicated to the world’s most famous little wizard: Harry Potter. The equipment in the park has been selected with toddlers in mind, with anchor points close together, and once you pass the kids section and reach the summit of the cliff, a beautiful terrace offers a fantastic panoramic view.

Central Italy: Parco Treja Adventure

In Mazzano Romano, on the outskirts of Rome, there is the biggest outdoors park in the Lazio region. Completely covered in greenery and with hanging walkways, bridges, vines and high-wires suspended among the trees, as you venture on the many trails you’ll live an unforgettable day. Challenge your balance skills, your coordination, your courage and test your physical fitness. The routes are suitable for all and are separated by types and levels of difficulty: from toddlers to the most daring adults, no need to worry; qualified personnel will be by your side throughout the entire course you have chosen.

Southern Italy: Parco Avventura Montevergine

It is at the foot of the Sanctuary of Montevergine, in the province of Avellino, surrounded by a lush pine forest. It has been designed, structured and equipped with acrobatic routes among the trees created with aerial passages placed at various heights on suspended wooden platforms. It offers intriguing alternatives, such as Tibetan bridges, ziplines, ropes, nets and hanging walkways from tree to tree. The level of difficulty for each route is established based on height and the stability of the equipment, and there is a suitable level for everyone. Here too, qualified personnel specifically trained will always be available to you.

Are you ready for adventure?


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