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Between sand and sea: the funniest beach games for kids

In the summer, the beach is always a magic place, and for children it is even more magic. And when we spend time with our children it’s easy to get back some of the magic of childhood and rediscover inside ourselves how much we want  to enjoy the long days, when times passes slowly, the sun never seems to go down and our desire to play together with our children, finally without having to check the watch. And there are countless games to play!

The taste of summer at the sea: the best games to play at the beach

We know that children love to team up at the beach. And what’s more fun for them than the challenge of a competition? To start, we can have a bucket… competition! We set a row of small buckets in front of each child, and we give a plastic glass to each one. They will have to run to the sea to fill up the glass then empty it in the little bucket, back and forth repeatedly: the first one who succeeds in filling up the bucket wins!

Treasure hunt! For this game, it is better to avoid overly crowded beaches, and the children will love it. We give to each child a list of 5 things to search for and a little bucket. According to the kind of beach where we are, we can point out a white or black stone, a shell, a seaweed, a drift wood, a feather, a coloured glass  pebble … One, two, three, let’s go!

The beach is the perfect place also for improvised “minigolf”: we create ten holes in the sand at a certain distance from each other; and with a paddle and a small ball, our challenge is to push the ball in the holes with the least number of strokes. If there is no paddle, we can use a rolled newspaper as makeshift club or the tanning cream packaging. The important thing is to have fun!

If you want the children to stay in the shade and calm down for a while, you can play “hot ball“. The children sit in a circle and pass a ball (or any other object) at the rhythm of music playing: when you’ll stop the music, who is left holding the ball, is out of the game. The last one left wins.

Watch out for the shark! What’s better than being a shark, when playing in shallow water? This game makes the little ones laugh to tears! You will be first shark, trying to catch the children as you swim just below the water surface; who is caught becomes the shark and starts hunting for prays again…

If you are in the mood for acrobatics, what do you say about the beach limbo? Two people hold both ends of a rolled up beach towel or a sarong, while the players attempt to go under it at the rhythm of the music, without ever touching the ground with the hands. At every turn, the towel is lowered: who passes underneath by bending backwards the most is the winner.

And in the end, a classic beach game: the stick game. Create a small mound of sand and place on the top a stick or a straw; in turn, the players must dig with the finger a track in the mound, starting from the top. Who makes the stick drop loses!

“Green flag”: children-friendly beaches

If you want total relax and prefer that true professionals attend to your children’s games and entertainment, you’ll be spoiled for choices: Italy is full of beaches where fun time for the little ones is assured.

The area with more activities, games and equipment is, naturally, the Romagna coastline; but nowadays there are many beaches all over Italy that offer children thousands of different opportunities for fun. Mini clubs, sealing or canoeing lessons, inflatable games, slides and water parks are available practically in every region! If you are undecided on which one to choose, why not asking those who know about children, the paediatricians? They are the ones who every year assign the green flags to the beaches more suitable for families: those with shallow bottom, clean water and calm sea, and equipment, games areas, wide spaces, ice cream parlours and restaurants.

If you want to pick the perfect beach for you and your child, all you need to do is to read the list of the beaches awarded with this year’s  greenflag.  Fun and relax are waiting for you!