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From cooking to travels: Here’s a list of Instagram profiles you must absolutely follow

Exploring far away countries, tasting the dishes from the best chefs, reading the most unbelievable stories: Instagram photos can make you dream with your eyes wide open. Today, we suggest you a few profiles that you should really be following. Let’s start with cooking.


Food52 is an online community that shares the love for good and healthy food, without missing out on the flavours and beauty of the dishes. Yes, you read that correctly: The dishes they prepare are just beautiful and you can admire them and draw some inspiration from their account.


ph: https://instagram.com/p/2gtHV7N-S7/

Maghetta Streghetta

Her name is Iaia and her kitchen and recipes are full of magic, sweet and fun characters! Lots of ideas, especially for biscuits and desserts.


ph: https://instagram.com/p/1S4DQQI1Ob/


Stefano and Riccardo of Gnambox, instead, propose tasty and easy to make recipes. Their kitchen is cheerful, bright and shared with their many friends.


ph: https://instagram.com/p/23MbeWxoj1/

Let’s now turn our attention to travels and let’s discover the best places in Italy and beyond.


Simone Bramante is one of the most famous and followed instagrammers. His photos are true art pieces, simply breathtaking.


ph: https://instagram.com/p/upblJgMcYb/

Cucina Digitale

Designer and photographer, Nicole’s point of view is delicate, poetic and romantic. Images from all over the world. However, her true passion is Rome and her tales from the eternal city are just fascinating.


ph: https://instagram.com/p/vqyRO-o8mx/

What Italy is

WhatItalyis is a project developed with the love and passion of a community which tells the story of Italy’s best side. Never seen before perspectives, traditions, food and amazing views.


ph: https://instagram.com/p/0xgBEeRg7C/

Let’s end this short description with three accounts that tell true stories, beautiful to watch and read.

This Wild Idea

Stemmed from an idea of Theron, the main and absolute character of this story is Maddie. A very special travelling dog.


ph: https://instagram.com/p/wR2NwLNmYs/

Humans of New York

Personal project of Brandon, this blog narrates the city of New York through the stories of New Yorkers. First it became a book and then a world phenomenon: Brandon cooperated with Unicef and thanks to his blog, he was able to collect funds to support various social causes. Not shedding a tear or being moved reading these stories is practically impossible.


ph: https://instagram.com/p/3C8g5UNrDu/ 

Not my nonni

What would the world be like without grandparents? This account celebrates them and shows photos of grandparents from all around Italy.


ph: https://instagram.com/p/xHwjGQwwk7/

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