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Home automation: the latest trends in smart houses

Home automation offers a number of benefits, including technology, wellbeing, comfort, safety and savings. It is an interdisciplinary science that uses technology to improve the quality of life in homes and make them “intelligent”. Household environments can be controlled via user interfaces with a range of functions.

From appliances that talk to each other to refrigerators that write shopping lists for you, household technology is constantly evolving. A house has even been invented with the capability to “watch” and “learn” the habits of its inhabitants and cater to them, thus boosting its efficiency and providing the perfect setting for every occasion.

Lights and curtains can be adjusted in accordance with use and weather conditions. Thanks to pre-set programmes, automated homes can create the ideal atmosphere for reading a book or dining with friends.

A smart home is also a safe home: sophisticated technology ensures that magnetic fields are automatically reduced in rooms when people enter them and houses can insulate themselves during storms and detect flooding, fires and gas leaks. These systems also offer energy savings, as they can turn on and off the air conditioning, heating, lights and household appliances even when you are not at home.

However, do not picture a house full of gadgets, cables and monitors. The future of home automation can be summed up in two words: simple and invisible. Would you like to be a part of it?