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Never lose sight: ways to stop children from getting lost

In crowded places, many parents are terrified of taking their eyes off their children for a second and losing sight of them. This is especially true on the beach, where children run about between the sun loungers and the shore and their parents want to be able to relax a little without panicking every time they look up and they aren’t able to spot their kids instantly.

Therefore, first and foremost it is essential to teach your children how to behave by repeating the usual instructions: don’t go anywhere without telling me and don’t go anywhere with strangers.

To make things easier for you and help you to relax a little, here are a few tips to stop kids from getting lost:

  • Get older children to learn their mother and father’s mobile phone numbers off by heart.
  • Teach them to recognize police officers and point out people and places that they can trust (such as lifeguards and the reception) as soon as you get to the place where you are staying.
  • Get them to wear a t-shirt with their name and your telephone number on it: simple but effective.
  • Make the most of technology: there are now all sorts of devices such as sensors on clothes and wristbands for children that enable you to track your kids with GPS on a smartphone and tell you if they go beyond a set range.