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Planning a trip in the era of Internet vs. in the 90s

Evenings spent discussing on possible holiday destinations while sipping a beer is now called “Holiday group” on Whatsapp. This optimises your time, as it suggests you exotic destinations while you’re at the supermarket or stuck in traffic. The holiday 2.0 in the era of Internet it’s also this.

Choosing a destination is not difficult: you just need to open Tumblr to find stunning photos from each corner of the world and if you want to be persuaded that you can spend little and find heaven on earth, well Instagram filters will surely take care of that. The right filter turns any frog into a beautiful prince.

So let’s compare our holiday days, look up the calendar and set the right dates.

Then comes the tough part: picking the right accommodation. In the past we used to ask for our friends’, relatives’, friends of friends’, neighbours’ opinions…Hoping they could recommend us a hotel that could be perfect for us.

Today, we browse through TripAdvisor, we check Facebook pages, we look at the photos on Instagram and compare each single review to see if the “hearty breakfast” is actually so, if the 100 metres from the beach are really 100 or it’s actually a kilometre.

Not satisfied, well before leaving we have a look at the articles written by travel bloggers, as they are true influencers, they’ve been everywhere, they know where you can eat well, you won’t really want to ask the hotel owner for advice, do you? The owner would certainly send you to some of his/her friends’ to skim money.

We’ve almost forgotten: Is the room equipped with wi-fi? Does the mobile receive well? You absolutely have to take a selfie as soon as you get there!

Finally you arrive to the beach: you have to take a picture of the crystalline sea water and post it onto your Facebook page so that all your friends will turn green with envy. They must know you’re having a great time.

The pictures continue coming: the beach, the sea, the happy hour, can a picture of the delicious fish dinner be missing? Absolutely not! Also, don’t forget to use hashtags #fishdinner #holiday #sea #beach #beautifulpeople #break, otherwise the “like” button won’t be clicked and nobody would know the details of your unbelievable holiday.

It’s time to go back home, but first you have to leave your review of the hotel on TripAdvisor. There’s no harm in doing a review to get a bit of discount off your next trip.