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Traveling with Original Marines

After a period in our homes, now is the time to go outside. It’s summertime and the time to travel has come and this year more than ever it is time to do it in Italy. We at Original Marines want to make our contribution to relaunch the country we love for 37 years, offering you some little-known places of our land to visit with the whole family. Our beautiful peninsula is a land of beautiful and little-known places, easily reachable by car. Suitcase ready, camera loaded: let's go!


Each region has beauties that the rest of the world envies us:  cities of art, hills, mountain peaks, lakes, small villages and large cities. There is something for all tastes, so, let’s go to discovering.

NORTH - The National Park of Naquane

The park was established in 1955 for the protection and enhancement of one of the most important rock complexes with prehistoric and protohistoric engravings of the Camonica Valley. It extends for about 30 hectares and inside it houses 104 rocks, in sandstone smoothed by glaciers, engraved with some of the best known representations of the rock art repertoire of the Camonica Valley. The engravings have been recognized as a world heritage site by UNESCO and have allowed us to know a lot about the prehistory of man. The whole park is inserted in a floral frame of birch, ash, chestnut, larch and more rarely fir trees and is located a few kilometers from Brescia.

CENTER - The Monster Park - I Giardini di Bomarzo 

Dragons, orcs, sphinxes and mythological creatures: the park of the Monsters of Bomarzo was designed by the architect Pirro Ligorio on commission from Prince Pier Francesco Orsini. At the origin of the commission by the noble prince, it seems there were "amorous penalties" caused by the death of his wife Giulia Farnese. The park covers an area of about 3 hectares, in a coniferous and deciduous forest and is dominated by basalt sculptures, a material available in massive quantities on site; many attractions are marked with enigmatic and mysterious inscriptions. To reach it you can use the A1 Autostrada del Sole using the exits of Orte from the south and Attigliano from both north and south to then follow the clear local indications.

SOUTH - The Marinello’s Lakes

Sicily, especially in the summer, is one of the most popular destinations in Italy. Yet this region known for its splendid sea, its idyllic villages and the remains of ancient civilizations, still reserves many surprises. An example? The Laghetti di Marinello nature reserve. Established in 1998 and extending over 400 hectares, the reserve of the Marinello lakes is located in the province of Messina, under the promontory of the sanctuary of Tindari. The area constitutes one of the few surviving examples of coastal brackish environment and being a lagoon area, its territory is subject to morphological variations that have created incredible brackish ponds to see.

Our list of places to visit could be much longer, but we wanted to give you just a few ideas and leave the pleasure of discovery to you. These are just some of the beauties that our peninsula offers and that deserve, at least once in a lifetime, to be visited. North, center and south, any part of our land hides magical treasures and places. What are you waiting to leave?

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