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Baby divers are coming!

Have you ever noticed how a newborns moves in the water?  It’s an amazing sight, because it seems as though the baby already knows how to swim: even keeping eyes and mouth open, just like a puppy!  Unfortunately, this innate ability disappears over time, usually, within the first year of life.  Wouldn’t it be nice to keep such natural connection, and to skip over all those small or big fears that sometimes as parents, we contribute to transmit to our children?  There is a way, and, no, it’s not the same-old swimming!  We’re talking about diving, according to some studies, “a decisive factor for the development of personality from the standpoint of emotions and intelligence”. A uniquely amazing activity that lets us discover many new worlds. Our magnificent Planet is indeed made up by three-quarters of water, why limiting ourselves to explore only its surface?

What’s the starting age?

The first Baby Diver lessons start as early as the age of 8. Children have a lot of fun, submerged in the water with many little friends of their same age, and even the most apprehensive adults can relax: everything takes place under the watchful supervision of a professional.

The first steps

The first impact with the water occurs in the most natural way possible.  No oxygen bottles: the starting point is simple underwater apnoea.  For very small children diving intervals are very short, up to a maximum of 30 seconds.  Basic equipment and the famous hyperventilation technique enter in the picture only with time and as age increases.

An experienced diver knows that each dive requires sound judgement, sense of responsibility, planning for details and respect for roles.  All key principles to ensure maximum safety for oneself and for any other participant.  Another nice aspect of this sport, where the thrill of searching for the unknown meets iron discipline, is that it brings out fearless personality and, at the same time, responsiveness to the rules.

A summer (in) the sea

Diving is already a real trend practised in many Italian seaside locations.  Summer courses for mini divers courses are available in almost all the most attractive beaches in Italy: from Capo Palinuro’s Blue Grotto to the Gulf of Baratti, from the Marine Protected Area in Portofino to the countless diving spots in Apulia, Sicily and Sardinia. And humans have been fulfilling the desire for exploration also through the seas, by probing enchanted seabeds and getting close to precious corals and multi coloured fish. We at Original Marines have taken inspiration from this spirit for our Beachwear new line, perfect for diving “missions” as well as for many adventures our kids enjoy on the beach.  Discover it in all the stores and at!


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