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Befana Stocking: many DIY ideas for a super Original Epiphany!

The Epiphany is a magical celebration, yet it’s a little sad: the last dose of happiness before Carnival, a sweet goodbye to the most wonderful period of the year. However, there is a way to make the wait for the nice Old Lady even more magical: parents and kids get together to create the stocking she will fill up during the night! Here are some fun and cheerful DIY especially they are ... Original Marines approved!

Needle, thread and creativity!

Cardboard, pencil, scissors, needle and thread and a couple of pieces of very colourful Christmas fabrics! Draw the stocking on the cardboard, cut it out and use it as a pattern to trace it on the fabrics. Stitch the two cut outs together, so that one is the lining and the other the outside of the stocking. Afterwards, all you need to do is the decorations! A suggestion? Embroider your children’s initials on it!

The recycled stocking (with gift wrapping paper)

You’ll have plenty of gift wrapping paper after having unwrapped all the Christmas gifts. Why not reusing it in a super original way? Same procedure as above, but easier: instead of needle and thread, you’ll just need to use a stapler to join the two shapes. No worries for those who love embroidery, there is something for you too: to make the stocking’s cuff, stitch to it the wrist cuffs of that old matted sweater hidden away in the attic!

Old sweater… New stocking!

And speaking of that old sweater… Why not using it all and transform it into a super duper stocking! Start from the sleeves and use the wrist cuffs as cuffs for the stocking. Then cut out the shoulder part in the shape of a foot, stitch it together to create the bottom and embellish it by applying buttons and patches! And do not forget to make the loop to hang it by the fireplace… Sorry, what.. You don’t have a fireplace? No problem!

A DIY fireplace

Get a hold of 5 identical boxes (shoeboxes are perfect!), some adhesive tape, glue and wallpaper with brick pattern. Use the boxes to create the typical horseshoe curved structure, secure it with tape and glue then cover it by applying the wallpaper. If you are especially capable, you can draw the bricks yourself using acrylic colours. Decorate then the fake “wall” with balls, bows and gift packages. Et voilà: the perfect DIY fireplace to hang your super original stockings.

After so much work and determination, do you want to bet that the Befana will leave some extra sweets? Happy Epiphany from all of us of Original Marines!


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