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It’s Easter time! A thousand looks for a Special Day

Eggs and salami for breakfast, never ending lunches and then chocolate: milk, white, dark, and as much as you like! Easter in Italy is the Special Day to enjoy a special lunch: well dressed, with elegant shoes and styled hair. Yet Easter mood is not the same for everyone: around the world there are different habits and extravagant outfits, sometimes even bizarre!

In the United States, for example, there are those who dress up as Bunnies! Fredericksburg’s children, in Texas, every year re-enact an old-time local legend, and even adults dress up as Indians and settlers. The pageant recalls the 1846 battle from which the town was born. As a huge fire broke out, a mother who did not want her children to panic told them that the flames came from the stove where the Easter Bunny was cooking the eggs before decorating them. Not by chance, this egg hunt is one of the most felt and colourful!

It is Egg Hunt Time for girls and boys all over the world

In Miami, a little more to the east, there is a complete different atmosphere: Easter stands for good vibes and bathing suit! The festivity coincides with the notorious school spring break: a weekend of party and entertainment at the beach before the final rush, head down on the books.

But it’s in Washington, in the White House lawn, where Americans give their best. The date is the famous Easter Egg Roll: long gowns and tuxedos, grownups and kids all dressed up compete in rolling the painted eggs with a long-handled spoon while trying not to break them. Who gets to be first wins an egg signed by none other than Mr. President!

A past White House Easter Egg Roll with former President Barack Obama. Via Facebook Page@easteruniverse

In Europe too there are peculiar traditions … The most uncommon is certainly a Swedish one. On Easter Thursday (Skärtorsdag) all the girls paint their faces, dress up as witches and ride their brooms going from house to house reciting: “I wave a branch to wish for a quiet and prosperous year to come; a branch for you, a gift for me“. A sort of springtime version of “trick or treat”!

Vintage postcard of Skärtorsdag, the typical Swedish tradition. Via Facebook Page @FogelbergsConservationFramers

So many ways to celebrate, so many different styles: this is why we at Original Marines have put together a collection as appreciation of this one and all the other Special Days of the year: refined looks but with a genuine soul and the right mood for every occasion.


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