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Let’s all cook for #Thanksgiving!

Oh, say can you see…
Every year the last Thursday in November is Thanksgiving.  This American age-old celebration dates back to the time of the Pilgrim Fathers, to the day when people gave thanks for the year’s harvest.  
Sharing an unforgettable meal is the best way to celebrate. Mothers and children roll up their sleeves and prepare a lavish meal that brings together all the typical flavours of autumn: from meat roasts, to berries, and the always-present pumpkin.  If you want to feel closer to the American spirit, or simply have a nice new occasion to spend some time cooking with your children, here are the best traditional recipes for this stars-and-stripes holiday!

His Majesty the Turkey

The real symbol of Thanksgiving.  There are countless versions depending on regional preparations and the inventiveness of the chef. The traditional recipe includes a very rich stuffing of herbs, cornbread, chestnuts, red berries, prunes and Granny Smith apples.  According to tradition, everything has to be baked together and the meat has to be basted every thirty minutes with a mixture of stock and butter to keep it soft and juicy.  Ask the kids to help you dice up all the ingredients, so they blend nicely and create a unique and enticing taste.  Remember: if the turkey is great, the party will be a success!

Stuffed turkey: the undisputed protagonist of Thanksgiving.

A Shower of Cranberries!

The choice is between two sauces that make the main dish even richer.  The first is the classic gravy sauce: velvety, fragrant and very easy to serve.  All it takes is a roux made with butter and flour, then the stock prepared with the roasting liquid.  The second sauce is much more sophisticated and it will give the turkey a unique sweet-and-sour note.  You’ll need cranberries, sugar syrup and orange zest.  The kids will have a great time crushing the cranberries, but be careful: the stains they leave are very difficult to remove even from the Original Marines clothes!

Dear, sweet sweet potatoes

There are two ways of approaching the matter of sweet potatoes, the essential side dish. One is to cut the potatoes in half and bake them with the skin on seasoned with garlic, oil and rosemary.  The other way is to make mashed potatoes (highly recommended!), a tasty purée with cheddar or Camembert cheese, shallots, sour cream and crispy bacon.  An explosion of taste that will make the children go nuts.

And in the end… Pumpkin pie!

The only way to conclude the feast properly is pumpkin pie, a favourite dessert of every American child.  Pumpkin cream flavoured with cloves, ginger, cinnamon and nutmeg, on a pastry crust: it is as easy as child play!  Literally so.  Children all around the world love making sweet things and at this point of the dinner preparation, mothers are exhausted having cooked all the previous dishes!  This is the moment when you can fully exploit your little assistants’ talent.  Don’t let it go by!

The must-have traditional dessert: Pumpkin Pie. Via @flickr

Thanksgiving is really a special day in America, when the whole family is together.  It is the last celebration before Christmas!  Could there be a better occasion to rehearse the right outfit? Have you already checked our new collection for special occasions?  You can do it at


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