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The best memories of 2019? All inside the Original Time Capsule!

We are just about to say goodbye 2019 and officially welcome 2020. A year is always full of moments to remember: precious memories to cherish in our heart and our mind. Why not collecting them in a time capsule? A special box to open up again in the future!

Cinema and reality itself have showed us some legendary time capsules: from pirates’ magical treasure chests, full of jewels, doubloons, and maps of never-to-be-found treasures, to the Pharaohs’ pyramids, true monuments of memories to be carry over into the afterlife. According to the International Time Capsule Society there are thousands scattered around. Like the one George Washington inserted in the cornerstone of the United States Capitol Building, or the one buried somewhere under the Blackpool Tower in England, so sought after by Queen Elizabeth.

Besides these “illustrious” examples, in reality, it is very simple to build a time capsule: all you need is a shoebox! Or a wooden container, a tin can, anyway… Any type of durable container. What’s important, however, is to make it recognizable forever.

How? Personalizing the exterior as much as possible. You can use colours, drawings, stickers, and do not forget to add a catchy font for the label “TIME CAPSULE FOR 2019”!

Now all you have left to do is deciding what to put inside it. Nothing of value, but rather something that can tell “posterity” about the person who put it together, and about the year that just passed. Such as letters, thoughts penned on a notepad or a dairy, a couple of photos, a small object or a toy with special significance.

After filling it up, the box must be sealed and placed in a safe location, accessible, yet not too visible. A suggestion? On top of a closet, or even in the basement: a place where it can be forgotten and then be “rediscovered” in a near or remote future. A year? Two? Ten? The longer the time, the more difficult will be to resist the temptation, and bigger the surprise!

What do you think? We at Original Marines have already prepared ours. It is bigger than usual, because we put all the finest outfits of this 2019 inside it! Naturally, we cannot tell you which they are, otherwise what kind of surprise would that be… But, no worries: you’ll find all of them at!

Happy New Year from Original Marines!


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