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From Beethoven and Michael Jackson: our perfect playlist for your Halloween party

Every master of horror knows it: there is no truly scary movie without its soundtrack. For the success of a spooky Halloween party, it’s essential to pick the soundtrack that spreads the right amount of terror! And there is a scientific basis: feeling scared, even jokingly, not only it’s fun but can also be good for us: «May shut down some part of the brain as it happens during medication, afterwards it is associated with feeling more relaxed ».

So, make way for pumpkins and candles, spider webs and masks and for music: from classic symphonies to pop hits and evergreen soundtracks, here’s our Original Playlist for the night of the witches!

Spine-chilling composers

Hidden behind the solemn notes of some great composers we find disturbing, to say the least, suggestions and legends. Just listen to the immortal opening of the Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony that Alfred Hitchcock used in “Murder!”. Or Bach’s attacco of Toccata and Fugue in D minor, played every time Count Dracula wakes up in his coffin searching for a neck to nibble on. Not to mention the dark and sinister atmosphere of Night on Bold Mountain by M.P. Musorgsky: a story of witches that was the background of one of the most famous scenes of Disney’s Fantasia.

Pop stars, zombies and werewolves

Yet every respectable Halloween party must have a dance: cannot just take the chance of turning the party into a dull wake! Along the years, there have been many artists who “darkened” some of their major successes. What about Michael Jackson unforgettable Thriller with a gang of lively dancing zombies.

How can we not move at the beat of the King of Pop! And the Backstreet Boys, forced to spend the night in a haunted mansion in the Everybody video, dancing like crazy as they turn into werewolves, mummies and vampires!

The poster of the fabulous The Nightmare Before Christmas. Via Facebook Page @CacadoresdeLendasJapao

Fear in the theatre!

Cinema gives us the most interesting tips for our playlist: teeth shuttering tracks, like those of Dario Argento, Italian master of horror. For example, the soundtrack of Deep Red by the Goblin. Perfect paring with the freaking soundtrack of Jaws, or the witching notes of The Exorcist and the piercing strings behind the panic moments of Psycho. And to tone down the drama, the soundtracks of Ghostbusters, The Nightmare Before Christmas and the Rocky Horror Picture Show!

A playlist like this is guaranteed to bewitch everyone and make the hair on their back stand up! If you want to make your Halloween night even more special, drop by the Original Marines stores: we’ll be waiting for you with our super scary outfits that glow in the dark. Here they are also online at!


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