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Ferragosto, Mid-Summer-Break in all the languages of the world

Trips to the countryside, family meals, and long days on the beach: for us Italians Ferragosto is one of the most important events of the summer, a feast of the season that we would not want to miss before going back to the daily grind. Did you know that this celebration has ancient origins? It goes all the way back to Ancient Rome, when Emperor Augustus established the “Feriae Augusti“, the Festival of Augustus, to celebrate the end agricultural work.

While in Italy Ferragosto coincides with summer vacations, in the rest of the world it takes on the most different meanings. You don’t believe it? Then, keep on reading.

Up with mom

The 15th of August in Costa Rica is El Dia de la Madre, Mother’s Day, like we have it here. It is the date of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary, which is for Costa Rica, a very catholic country, one of the excellent examples of motherhood. Tradition calls for a big family banquet during which mothers are presented with written dedications, spoken poems and for them are prepared tasty meals, typically featuring vigorones, tamales, chicharrones, and gallo pinto. A day felt by everyone in a deep special manner. In fact, children are allowed to skip school and many shops remain closed.

Jana Gana Mana

Parades, ceremonies, all kinds of pageants.  But most of all, a sea of Indian flags flying from everywhere: if by some odd chance you happen to be in Delhi on the 15th of August, be ready to celebrate the Independence from Great Britain. Thousands of citizens meet at the Red Fort, the castle symbol of the splendour of the Mogul Empire: there they listen to the speech from the Prime Minister, hear the story and brilliance of figures such as Mahatma Gandhi and everyone sings together the national anthem, “Jana Gana Mana“.

Delhi Red Fort in India, where Independence from Great Britain is celebrated the 15th of August. Via Wikimedia

All you need is love

In China Ferragosto is time for Valentine’s Day! There it is called Qixi Festival, a celebration whose date changes every year but usually falls around the 15th of the month. During the “Double seven festival“, as it is called, girlfriends and young wives expect a romantic invitation to dinner from their partners, while older couples receive gifts of flowers and messages as symbols of long lasting love. P.S. “I love you” in Chinese is “wǒ ài nǐ“!

The Cowherd and the Weaver Girl, a painting for Valentine’s Day in China. This work of art is in the Summer Palace in Beijing. Via Wikimedia

Whether it is a celebration of summer, of mom, of freedom or love, the 15th of August is a Super Special Day everywhere, one that we at Original Marines want to enhance with an equally special collection: with true spirit and refined style. Classy looks, casual, chic and elegant with the right mood for any moment of the year. Discover our proposals at


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