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Sustainable tourism: rules and advice for a green holiday

Summer, it's time for holidays and today more than ever it is necessary to do them in a total green way. By sustainable tourism we mean a holiday able to take into account all the consequences that travel could have on the community and the environment. Sustainable tourism is a philosophy directly inspired by sustainable development. It includes all forms of tourism that respect the environment and pay attention to the well-being of the host populations. It takes very little to organize a green holiday for the whole family and we have decided to give you some rules and some tips.


The first step before leaving is, of course, to prepare your luggage and for a green journey, the suitcase must also be ecological. First let's make sure that shampoos, toothpaste and cosmetics are organic products, preferably solid, and in any case that they do not use plastic packaging. Let's move on to the wardrobe. A light suitcase is sustainable because it will require little energy to transport it. We pack practical clothing that does not wrinkle, roll it up to save space. Finally, let's not forget the water bottle: we certainly would not want to consume dozens of plastic bottles to quench our thirst?


Why prefer a 5-star hotel when you can have millions directly above your head? The campsite is the perfect solution for the sustainable tourist: in contact with nature and respectful of the surrounding environment. This type of solution will allow you to live your holiday in total symbiosis with nature.

Alternatively, you can stay in a popular hotel. This type of solution is not very popular in Italy and represents an excellent idea to better enjoy the atmosphere of a small village and enhance local communities. A widespread hotel is a hotel made up of several structures located in different places in the same inhabited center.


Needless to say, eating local there is more taste. Conscious tourism therefore also means focusing on local cuisine, perhaps with zero-kilometer, organic and certified raw materials. Preferring a gastronomic souvenir, especially if produced by local farms, also helps the local economy. You can then decide to have a really slow and very sustainable experience, choosing to participate in local workshops: from crafts to cooking, travel platforms offer many. After all, an important part of the trip is the culinary aspect, don't you think?

These are some practical rules to make your trip more sustainable, our advice is to always be green and not only during your holidays. We at Original Marines, through the wear the future program, commit ourselves to being so all year round: we want to be a positive force and protect the planet and its inhabitants. Enhance the uniqueness of each person and each element of nature, restore balance. Respect the world in all its parts. To find out more, visit the website

Happy holidays to all!


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