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World emoji day: which are the most Original?

Colorful, witty and with a thousand meanings: emojis have become indispensable within our messages and we can no longer do without them. Today is celebrated the world day of "smiley faces". Do you know why on the 17th? Because the day is celebrated on the day indicated on the calendar emoji, Jule 17th. Really.


The daddy of all the smiley faces that made their fortune on the web is Scott Fahlman, a computer science professor at Carnegie Mellon University. The word emoji comes from the interlocking of the Japanese words which mean "image" and "written character". The most used emoji is the smiley face with tears of joy, while the heart is at the second preceding the smiley face blowing a kiss. The most popular pairings are the heart-shaped eyes with the face blowing a kiss, the face laughing with tears of joy with the one rolling with laughter and the face blowing a kiss associated with the heart red. But how many are there? To date, there are over 1800 images that can vary between skin color, sex but also objects, animals, drinks, food and in recent times also trend characters of the moment or even new symbols. But which are the most original? Here is our personal list.


The sloth

How many times have they said to you: "You are a sloth!" ? No explanation is needed for this type of statement, this animal has always represented slowness. Clumsy, hairy and with a slight smile, the sloth is a very popular animal in the rainforests of central and south America. This emoji was only introduced in 2019.

The Yo-Yo

How many times have you used it? If your answer is zero, we have hit the mark. The yo-yo emoji was introduced a year ago and not many are aware of its existence. Yo-yo is known in Italy as a spool, and it is a toy that in the early 90s depopulated among all children. Today it is not very popular with kids, but we can find it among emojis, within smartphone reach.

The flamingo

Pink and trendy: the emoji of the flamingo or flamingo is certainly fascinating. Surely you haven't happened to use it very often, in fact how many times have you used the term flamingo in a message? Because of its rarity in being used in a conversation, this emoji enters our list by right. Besides, how beautiful is its pink color?

The banjo

Keyboard, guitar, drums, sax, microphone, for each musician his instrument. And for everyone who plays the banjo? Here is the emoji you've been waiting for! We don't know how many banjo players exist in the world but from 2019 they can count on an emoji that represents them and that, in our opinion, is truly Original.

The sari and the kimono

Loads of color and features: the sari and the kimono come right into our list of the most original emojis on the keyboard. The sari, saree or shari is a traditional female garment of the Indian subcontinent, whose origins date back to 100 BC, and is intuitively one of the very few garments to have been handed down for so many centuries. While the kimono is a traditional Japanese garment, also with a very long history and incredible charm.

Obviously this is a personal list of what we think are the most particular emojis that the keyboard makes available. It was not easy to choose but we hope we have done our best to make you stay!