April Fool's breakfast!

Chopping, kneading, baking, stir-frying ... We’re always cooking in these days of quarantine. Besides, it is one of the best ways to pass the time and leave nostalgia and bad news out, at least from the kitchen door.

So let’s go: milk, eggs, flour and let’s make pizzas of all kinds, delicious desserts and sweets with a good spirit. By the way, is anyone left with yeast? Seriously, ovens and stoves never like today help us to live peacefully in the family despite the difficulties. They are an occasion for normality that makes us all sit at the table as in the past. With a plus: a smile of those who know they have prepared something good.

Speaking of smiles, today is April 1st: do you already have some ideas for the “domestic fish” for your little kids? Don't worry, at Original Marines we have many suggestions for you, all absolutely food style.

Read here and if you want let us know your experience by tagging us on our social profiles and using the hashtag #OriginatAtHome. Have fun ;)

Cereals are old!

If your kids love to have breakfast with cereals, fill half a cup with milk and put it in the freezer overnight. In the morning, before the children wake up, add a finger or two of fresh milk and a handful of cereals from the box to the bowl, just to make it look like it is as usual. Smartphone in hand, get ready to immortalize with a short video their attempts (vain!) to sink the spoon.

Difficulty level: easy. We all have milk and cereals at home, don't we?


Milk's gone off!

If you are addicted to cakes, then you will certainly have some vegetables dyes in the cupboard as a secret weapon. Take it and add just a few drops to the milk bottle. Shake it and put it back in the fridge. All you have to do is pour it into the glass of your little ones when they get up and enjoy their reaction!

Difficulty level: intermediate. Only for the availability of the dye!

English breakfast?

"Today we have English breakfast!". This is how you start and offer the classic bull's-eye eggs for breakfast. Only in appearance: under there is a layer of yogurt, over a peach in syrup. A tasty start of the day, but that will turn up the nose of those who had already made a mouthful of salty.

Difficulty level: advanced. Mostly for the yogurt that shouldn't overflow!

The coffee has spilled!

This is actually a joke for dad, but with the help of your son ready to take the blame! It’s a classic: spilled coffee. And you can turn it upside down everywhere: in bed, on your freshly ironed shirt, worse on your smartphone. What do you need? A little vinyl glue, brown, rust or black paint, a cup and a low pan, like the one for biscuits. Once the mixture has dried, simulate the accident and you're done!

Difficulty level: professional. We trust in your brilliance!