My Original hamburger: for each recipe a personality

Starting from the United States, the hamburger entered the menus of all the restaurants of the world with bullying and taste and we are sure that in all our cupboard we always have the ingredients to make a dinner in full USA fast food style. The popularity achieved by this dish is comparable to pizza’s popularity, but today on the occasion of the world hamburger day we decided to associate, with a little imagination and lots of originality, to each burger a type of personality.


Originally the term hamburger meant only the beef minced and used in the classic recipe, but with the passage of time and the evolution of tastes and gastronomic combinations, today talking about hamburgers means talking about the whole composition of the dish: from meat to bread to the side dish. We can say that given the infinite variety of recipes and combinations to each burger corresponds to a type of personality, as well as in fashion, for these reason: "Tell me what hamburger you eat and I'll tell you who you are".


Bread, 200g minced meat, iceberg salad, tomato and a thin slice of cheddar: the cheeseburger remains the original hamburger. If at the restaurant you always throw yourself on the classic you certainly have a strong personality, changing your mind is not easy but despite this you are always the most loved and the most requested. It isn’t difficult to understand your thoughts and read your mind, just as it is not difficult to order "classic" french fries as a side dish for your cheeseburger.


Wholemeal bread, breaded cod fillet, oil and lemon salad and herb cream. The fresh taste of the sea in a hamburger, the perfect dish for adventure lovers. If the fish burger is your favorite burger, you are always ready to discover new places and new destinations. Despite your classic disposition, you don't mind meeting news such as asking for a side dish of grilled courgettes instead of the usual chips.


Five-grain bread, 300g of smoked tofu, aubergines, mushrooms and aromatic herbs (basil, thyme and mint). For lovers of vegan recipes, this type of burger will be for you. Lovers of the environment and always ready to welcome the latest green news, you have an idealistic personality and are always available to help others. As a side dish an arugula and pineapple salad will be perfect to satisfy your creative and dynamic disposition.