October 31 is approaching: here are three looks for a scary Halloween!

Halloween is just around the corner. And behind the doors so many witches, monsters and zombies are coming to visit you. How about you? Have you already thought about what to make your kids wear during the scariest night of the year? In this article we recommend three look ideas for a killer party.

Original Witches are among us.

The night of the witches is about to begin and for the occasion you need the right look with a dark soul. How about a total black dress and bell skirt with tulle ruffles and embroidered spiders?

No tricks, the little monsters are roaming the city.

Here we go again, like every year someone is going to knock on the door claiming treats and lots of candy. They usually come with scary masks and baskets where they keep their sweet loot. And why not, even with long-sleeved black t-shirts with the words: trick or treat?

What would Halloween be without Zombies?

At Halloween everything is allowed and you can freely give vent to your creativity. To fully enter the mood of the party does not necessarily need a total black look. Even a red, black and gray camouflage jacket, combined with a bit of makeup can do the trick to become the most terrifying zombie of the night.

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