Original Easter: 3 DIY bunnies to wish everyone a Happy Easter!

It’s the perfect time to dedicate oneself to those "do it yourself" jobs with our children that between one commitment always end up putting off? At home, on the other hand, we have to stay there for a little while, we have time to spare and then ... and then it's Easter time now!

Solet's arm ourselves with patience, manual skills and imagination and let's all get to work. Don't worry, we have selected three really simple Easter Works for you, and more importantly: super Original!

This year's theme: everywhere bunnies. Ready to roll up your sleeves?

Have fun and happy Easter from all of us at Original Marines.

Towel Bunny

For this delicious bunny you don't need to sew: you can make it in an half hour with a small colored towel and a little skill. Very easy, but with an incredible result.

What do you need

  • Towels

  • Rubber band

  • Tape

  • Buttons or cardboard for eyes and nose

  • Wool and cotton pom pom or cotton wool for the tail

  • Scotch double-sided tape or glue

  • Chocolate egg

How to make it happen

Spread the towel out on a table and roll it up from a corner. Once you have taken the shape of a tube, fold it in half, squeezing it with your fingers in the center, so as to begin to form the body of the bunny on one side and the ears on the other. At this point, pushing on the fingers, bend the two ears slightly backwards and use an elastic band to secure them, also reproducing the muzzle on the other side. Now the bunny is ready, all that remains is to decorate it. Cover the elastic with tape and glue eyes and nose (to make them, you can use cardboard or buttons to attach with double-sided tape). For the tail, however, we recommend a pom pom or anything else that resembles it (for example, a cotton ball). Finally, fit a small chocolate egg on the back and you're done!

Balloon Bunny

Sometimes it only takes a pinch of intelligence to invent a new toy. This is the case of the "shooter" bunny, in fact you can make make with only two simple objects: a finished roll of toilet paper and a balloon.

What do you need

  • Roll

  • White balloon

  • Cardboard for ears, eyes and nose

  • Scotch double sided

  • Glue

  • Cotton wool for cheeks

  • Pom pom of wool and cotton for the balls to be blown up

How to make it

Knot the deflated balloon, then spread it in your hands to make it even more elastic and cut it a little more than its half. Stretch it on the roll so as to wrap it to the end and secure it to the base with strong scotch tape to form the base of the bunny. With double sided tape, attach the cardboard ears inside the roll, on the opposite side to that of the knot, the eyes and the nose on the outside of the roll, this time with strong-grip glue. With some balled wadding believe two plump cheeks and glue them under the nose. Let it dry for a couple of hours and you will have your children's favorite new pastime ready! How does it work? Insert a light ball or a small handmade pom pom made with wool or cotton into the roll, pull the knot down and blow it up: who will make it go too far?

Sock Bunny

Even an old unpaired sock can give you satisfaction. Watch it for yourself our latest bunny’s tutorial, so beautiful that it can be exposed in the living room rather than in the bedroom!

What do you need

  • Sock

  • 2 elastic bands

  • Rice

  • Velcro, cardboard and buttons for belly, eyes, nose and teeth

  • Wool or cotton pom pom or cotton wool for the tail

  • Colored ribbon

  • Glue

How to make it happen

Fill the sock with a cup of rice or a little more, depending on the size. Use two rubber bands to create the body (larger) first and then the head (smaller) of the bunny. At this point the sock will be divided into three parts, with the knee-high at the top to already give the idea of the ears. Shape the belly of the rabbit with a little Velcro or cardboard (or, again, with a single-colored oval patch) and attach it to the belly of the rabbit using strong-grip glue. It also attaches eyes, nose and teeth (to make them, you just need a small square piece of felt or paper cut in half in the center). Finally, to queue, use a pom pom or a little cotton wool. Now all that remains is to use scissors to divide the ears and roll a colored ribbon like a bow tie around the head. Et voilà, les jeux sont faits!