Original Yoga Session

Among the activities useful for our physical and spiritual well-being, yoga is certainly one of the most original: we can practice it together with our four-legged friends, or in suspension or in a hammock, as in the case of the Aeryoga. Considered a real fitness activity, yoga was originally born as a means of spiritual realization and salvation. Today is the international day dedicated to this now widespread discipline and coincides, as every year, with the summer solstice: the day on which Shiva, according to Hindu tradition, began to transmit its teachings. We at Original Marines want to do the same, sharing some very original positions with you and proposing 4 basic rules for a yoga session to be carried out together with the whole family.


The names of the yoga or asana positions derive from Sanskrit an ancient language, with an Indo-European root, completely different fefrom our Greek and Latin and which sometimes gives us truly unpronounceable expressions. For this reason many positions are renamed based on the posture we assume during their execution and some names are really special. Or, to say how we like it, Original.

  • The dog with the face down and face up

They are two very common and widespread positions: the dog face down is a forward bend and is excellent for stretching the back well, as long as you respect your body. While, to achieve the position of the dog face up, push your hands well on the mat, so that the shoulders move away from the ears. If you can, try to lift your knees off the ground, but don't try too hard.

  • The butterfly 

In addition to having a beautiful name, this very useful asana for ours is accessible to everyone, experts and non-experts alike. To make it, just sit down, cross your legs and match the soles of both feet and then move the legs as if they were the wings of a butterfly.

  • The camel 

Legend says that it is a very energizing position: just push your back on your knees. Be careful not to do it in the evening, it may not make you sleep.



Finding well-being is very simple, just follow our Original Yoga Tips. All out of bed early in the morning: here are 4 basic tips to improve your yoga.

1st The equipment

Yoga does not need any special equipment, you just need to have the classic gym mat, which must always be kept perfectly clean. If you are already an expert you can equip yourself with some specific equipment, including a yoga belt, a block, a support, a pillow or a large blanket.

2nd The perfect place

Find a comfortable environment in which to do yoga: how about placing a large carpet in the living room or a large towel in the garden? In both cases it is important to identify a specific space in which to be comfortable and, possibly, in peace.

3rd Perform a balanced session

Develop "sequences", or the set of asanas that make up the practice of yoga. To avoid getting bored, develop different sequences every day. Be original!

4th Have fun

There is no better practice for feeling good than a laugh. The yoga session will surely be a good time to spend all together and relax. There is no need to be serious, to take this practice seriously. Good fun!