Mirrors, alligators and cranes: physical activity at home is a game

While #westayathome it is important to offer children and young people some activities to carry out together. Physical exercise, in addition to being a good pretext for not give in to boredom, also helps to promote their psychological well-being and to overcome this particular moment with greater serenity. Did you know that there are many games to play inside the home? There are simple and very simple ones, more or less structured. We recommend three, suitable for all ages and with a level of difficulty that can be modulated as desired. Have a good workout and have fun!


The mirror

Let's face each other and take a position that who will be the mirror will have to "repeat" in a mirror way. For example, if we raise the right arm, the children will have to raise the left. We try to make gestures as wide and relaxing as possible, in order to recreate a sort of stretching. We also alternate some more dynamic movements: jumps, lateral stretches, even clapping to give some rhythm. Finally, let's remember to take turns: the younger ones will make the mirror first, then it's up to us. This way no one will ever have full control of the game and we will all test ourselves with our gymnastic skills!

The alligator

Pillows, sheets, towels, books, magazines: everything is useful for preparing the path of the alligator. Purpose of the game: never fall into the waters of the feared reptile. To do this, children will have to jump from one island to another that we have made with various materials. We arrange the islands at various distances from each other and try to make them of different width and height. We then make the journey "out of phase", not along a straight line. The winner is the one who crosses the lake by placing one foot on each rock, without ever placing it outside. Any variations to complicate the journey? Let's jump together, or with a stuffed toy in our hands, or even within a certain time limit!

The animals of the forest

Have you ever seen horses, snakes and rabbits wandering in the hallway of your house? Then you've never played this game. First of all, you have to choose the itinerary: from the bedroom to the dining room, or around the living room table. Or even in the garden, of course. We then draw 3, 4 or 5 cards to associate each with an animal. We fish from the deck and imitate its step along the way. With the horse you "trot" placing your hands and feet; with the rabbit you jump to "paws" together; with the snake one crawls with the help of the elbows. Let’s get freaky in the choice of animals: the walk of the duck is inevitable, bend on your knees and with your hands in the armpits, and then the crane, with its taxes on one foot!