Manny, Crusoe, Scott, Tex e Doug: the most famous Dog Influencers

Faithful, playful and affectionate, dogs have always been our best friends. It is easy for them to find space in our hearts and, apparently, also on social media.

On the internet there are many examples of what are called influencer puppies, real social stars with passionate followers following them and photos full of likes. After our article on the most famous social cat influencers, we could not forget our little dog friends, so here are the best web dog stars.


Manny is a French bulldog who has around 2 million followers on Facebook. Her bio reads: “Manny, the most followed bulldog in the world, loves making new friends and giving back to charity! Please donate and help needy animals around the world”. Really tender, don't believe. In fact, like "human" influencers, this dog star is often involved in collaborations to advertise products and companies. Manny is not paid in kibbles but in real money that this puppy donates all to charity to help less fortunate puppies. In addition, a line of gadgets "signed" by Manny can even be purchased from the Facebook page. In short, a star rather than a pet.


3 bilion followers on Facebook and posts full of likes, hearts and comments. Crusoe is an influencer dachshund who never goes out of style due to his silhouette and funny face.

It too, like his four-legged colleagues, turns sketches and poses for photo shoots, all with a naturalness that would envy any model. And, moreover, it seems that it has a lot of fun being a star. Ah we forgot to tell you that little Crusoe, in addition to having his own dedicated website, is also a writer.


Super tender muzzles and 30 thousand followers on Instagram. Scott and Tex are two 9 and 2 year old labradors respectively. Two tender and hairy little brothers in chocolate and vanilla color, who live in Portugal with their mistress. Playful and always cheerful, Scott and Tex share gags, trips and moments of tenderness with their followers. Impossible, therefore, not to love them.


With 4 billion followers on Instagram and 5 billion on Facebook, Doug is the undisputed king of dog influencers, a real four-legged Fedez. Official website and merchandising for this pug who in his Instagram bio defines himself the King of pop culture. Perennially on a diet, tailored outfits and a hilarious face. How not to follow it?