Three original tips to face the summer with style

Summer is on its way: the heat, fun with friends, and long days spent at the beach always give children great moments of joy and happiness. We all know that it's not easy to cope with high temperatures in the summer, but knowing how to choose the right outfit can help us get through the hottest time of the year. Let's look at three useful tips to learn how to select some appropriate pieces for the summer.

The importance of fabric

Choosing the right clothes for the summer also involves knowing how to select the most suitable fabric for the season. T-shirts, Bermuda shorts, dungarees and other clothing should be made from natural, non-allergenic materials and preferably from natural fibres that have been processed and certified according to organic farming standards. Linen, cotton and silk are the most suitable fabrics to wear when it's warm.

Choosing the right shoes

Cotton or canvas shoes, sandals and beach slippers are the most appropriate models for the season, because they are not only comfortable but also allow the feet to breathe and prevent them from sweating too much. Avoid making children wear heavy shoes that impede breathability, such as boots, ankle boots or moccasins.

The essential items for a summer outfit

A child's wardrobe must always contain short-sleeved T-shirts, skirts, swimwear, beach ponchos and light shirts. As well as providing freshness, these garments will allow children to feel comfortable and play more freely on summer days, without the fear of feeling heavy or sweating.

Would you like another tip to face the summer in style?

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