A three-point look with the Original Marines Space Jam Collection

The arena spotlights and cinema projectors turn on, the Tune Squad is about to return for the most spectacular event of the year. After the incredible match in the unforgettable 1996 film with Michael Jordan, the Tune Squad is ready to take the field again: on 23 September the highly anticipated "Space Jam: New Legends" will be released in cinemas.

In the new adventure of Bugs Bunny & co. NBA phenomenon and global icon LeBron “The King” James will also be in attendance. Supporting LeBron will be a laughter champion team: the Tune Squad. Let's get to know some of the most iconic characters that are part of it and that you can find in the special dedicated collection of Original Marines.

The Captain: Bugs Bunny

"Hey what's up man ?!" that's what the Bunny Bugs exclaimed seeing NBA champion LeBron catapulted into his animated world. The iconic Bugs is certainly the most loved Looney Tunes character: cunning, with very long ears, protruding teeth and an unbridled passion for carrots. Bugs is the captain of the Tune Squad and thanks to his personality and his sympathy he will do anything to help LeBron James overcome the Space Jam challenge and win the match.

The Tune Squad

The Tune Squad is completed with many characters, one more fun than the other. Black plumage with white stripe on the neck, orange beak and the unmistakable duck voice: Daffy Duck will be a guarantee of laughter. He never stands still and is even faster than the wind, a real devil on and off the basketball court, Taz is ready to help the team to the rhythm of faces and whirlpools. Don't be fooled by her sweet look, Lola Bunny is the queen of the basketball court and will do everything to help the team, with magnetic gazes and playing like a pro. Without forgetting, the beloved duo of Titti and Silvestro.

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