Children's shoes, how to choose them and match them with clothes.

Shoes are an essential piece of clothing to have a truly perfect look. From casual mood to first communion outfit, it is important to choose the right model and the correct size. But how to choose the right shoe for your children's look? How to determine the size and model?

Shoe size

Choosing the right shoe size is an important and crucial process for the proper development of your child's back. To avoid posture or gait problems, you need to take certain precautions when choosing the right shoe model. But how to choose the right shoe size? Each foot has a unique conformation and it happens very often, especially for toddlers that children of the same age wear shoes of very different sizes. In this case the solution is to measure the foot. On the website for each item of clothing there is a size guide, where you can check for each size in centimeters the corresponding shoe size and avoid mistakes.

For newborns, the first shoe should be the right size, with a wide toe and ample flexibility, with high, stiff reinforcements at heel height because this way they ensure more stability and security for the baby. Try taking a look at these macramé fabric booties, they will be perfect for taking your first steps.

The shoe model

Having chosen the size, it is important to match the shoe correctly. But how to match shoes to your children's outfit? To choose the model to match the look it can be useful to remember that the shoe can totally follow the mood of an outfit or go against the trend, creating a more casual effect. For example, for your little girl's formal look you can choose between a classic solution like patent leather ballet flats or more casual like this light sneakers.

For your child's ceremonial shoe under the robe, how about an unconventional solution like these multicolor lace-up sneakers? A different and stylish touch for his first communion look.

What about the shoe for the beach? The perfect model for summer are espadrilles, for him and for her. An alternative for beach shoes? Obviously the colorful beach slippers: flip flops, strappy or strappy, otherwise a classic sandal, cool and comfortable like this model with strap and glitter for her perfect under shorts or super colorful for him maybe under a Bermuda shorts.

Another solution for choosing the right shoe model is to play on the accessories that are used to complete the outfit. In this case our model should follow the mood and color of the belt, hat and handbag.

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