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Newborn boys cotton babygrow

Newborn boys cotton babygrow

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        "label": "NEWBORN",
        "link": "https:\/\/\/hr\/newborn"
        "label": "BABY BOY FIRST MONTHS",
        "link": "https:\/\/\/hr\/newborn\/neonato-primi-mesi"
        "label": "UNDERWEAR AND BODY",
        "link": "https:\/\/\/hr\/newborn\/neonato-primi-mesi\/underwear-e-body"
[ { "label": "NEWBORN", "link": "https:\/\/\/hr\/newborn" }, { "label": "UNDERWEAR AND BODY", "link": "https:\/\/\/hr\/newborn\/neonato-primi-mesi\/underwear-e-body" } ]

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Product Details
Newborn boys sleeveless, patterned babygrow in soft cotton. The flap opening makes it perfect for changes without having to move the baby. The metal button fastening doesn't touch the skin.

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