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Snug-fitting boxer shorts
Product label

Snug-fitting boxer shorts

As low as MKD616.96 Regular Price MKD881.37
        "label": "BOY",
        "link": "https:\/\/\/mk\/boy"
        "label": " BOY 3-14 YEARS",
        "link": "https:\/\/\/mk\/catalog\/category\/view\/s\/bambino-3-14-anni\/id\/234\/"
        "label": "UNDERWEAR",
        "link": "https:\/\/\/mk\/catalog\/category\/view\/s\/underwear\/id\/240\/"
        "label": "DISNEY - MARVEL",
        "link": "https:\/\/\/mk\/catalog\/category\/view\/s\/disney-marvel\/id\/206\/"
[ { "label": "BOY", "link": "https:\/\/\/mk\/boy" }, { "label": "DISNEY - MARVEL", "link": "https:\/\/\/mk\/catalog\/category\/view\/s\/disney-marvel\/id\/206\/" } ]

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Product Details
Boy's boxer shorts in fancy fabric with an elastic plus graphic writing

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