Three children's books to read this summer to guide them as they grow up

Whether you are on the beach, lying on a lawn, in your bedroom or on a holiday trip, reading a book is one of the simplest and most educational activities a child can do. It stimulates the imagination, develops the ability to reflect, makes you more empathetic and also helps you do better in school. At Original Marines, we recommend three titles for children and teenagers for your children to read during this summer holiday period. Let's go through them together.

For the little ones: Tony Wolf's great book of fables and stories

This book for young readers aged 5 and over contains all the most beautiful classic tales, the most famous fairy tales and the amazing adventures of the inhabitants of the Magic Wood. By reading this volume, your little tykes will be teleported into the enchanted world of kings, princes, princesses, talking animals, wizards, gnomes and much more!

For older children: The travels of Giovannino Perdigiorno by Gianni Rodari

Gianni Rodari is one of the best authors for children's literature. The book we recommend tells the story of Giovannino Perdigiorno, a curious traveller who wants to recount his adventures in extraordinary countries, a demanding explorer who is not satisfied with appearances and, after a brief stop among "tobacco men", "soap men" and other original species, sets off again in search of a country "without error" where everything is perfect and beautiful. Recommended reading age: seven years old and up.

For the older kids: The Barone in the Trees by Italo Calvino

The story of Baron Cosimo Piovasco di Rondo, an untamable rebel who climbed a tree at the age of twelve, never to come down again, is recommended reading for children aged eleven and up. He spends his entire life in the trees, which is somehow not at all monotonous, full of adventure and he is anything but a hermit. Will young readers do the same after they finish the book?

Now you just have to get them all read!