Halloween: here are three movies to watch on the scariest night of the year

Halloween is here. And lots of kids are starting to dress up and put on makeup to celebrate the October 31 party in the best way possible. But after the festivities, how about continuing to keep the mood going by watching a chilling movie? In this article we suggest three titles to watch all as a family. Let's discover them together.

For Vampire fans: Hotel Transylvania

Count Dracula is the owner of a hotel that hosts only monsters from every corner of the world. Among his daily concerns is certainly the management of the hotel, but to complicate his days is the relationship with his daughter Mavis, 118 years old, who falls madly in love with a human being accidentally ended up among the guests of the structure. Will she ever be able to accept their love?

For the little monsters Original: Monster & Co.

The film tells the story of Sulley and Mike, two monsters who work for the Monster & Co. factory in Mostropoli. Their job is to scare children for a very specific reason: to get electricity from the screams of small humans around the city. The professional life of the two will be complicated by the encounter with little Boo, a child who will undermine the tranquility of the city.

For witches addicted: The Witches by Robert Zemeckis

It is 1968 when a young orphan named Bruno goes to live with his grandmother Spencer in Demopolis, Alabama. Unfortunately, the decision to move to such a place was not a very good idea: numerous gatherings of beautiful and diabolical witches have just returned to the village to hunt down children and turn them into horrible rats. Will she manage to save herself?

Now you know what movie to watch on the scariest night of the year. But do you know what outfit to wear to celebrate it in the best way? If you still haven't decided what to wear, you can take a look at our Halloween-style outfits on our website or in our stores.