The most popular foreign words from the world of fashion in Italy.

Throughout Europe, the European Day of Languages ​​is celebrated on 26 September, with the aim of encouraging their learning. Learning a new language is also a fundamental tool for getting to know the culture of other countries and broadening our horizons. Sometimes, however, the path is reversed, some foreign terms are inserted into our usual language; An increasingly widespread phenomenon, in fact, is the use of foreign words in our daily lives: fitness, online, omelettes, bouquets and so on.

There are many foreign words that are used in the fashion world and which we all use. The most common terms, as we know, are Anglicisms and Frenchisms, and some of these words, which are also must-haves for our wardrobes, can even be found in the Italian language vocabulary!

The first word that could come to our mind is the very famous, inevitable t-shirt. Who doesn't have a t-shirt? It could be called the garment par excellence, the one we all need.

And what would be perfect to wear with a t-shirt? A jeans of course! The term jeans is believed to derive from the French "bleu de Gênes" which translated into Italian means "blue of Genoa".

Sporty, black, patterned, in leather: these are leggings, tight pants, usually in stretch fabric. Until recently we knew them as fuseaux, a word adopted a few years earlier by the French whose use has been lost.

Finally, let's talk about a symbol of elegance. A passepartout garment suitable for different occasions: the suit. Term of French origin, garment for women's clothing consisting of two pieces which can be a jacket and a skirt or trousers.

Fashion is made up of many terms and many items of clothing. And we at Original Marines have the must-have items, to stay on the subject of Anglicisms, perfect for him and for her. Come and discover the New Fall/Winter 2021 Collection on the website.