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Elegant, sophisticated and ... pink: Pink Panther, a fashion icon for over 55 years

We all know the unmistakable characteristics of Pink Panther, but not everyone knows exactly its story. The myth was born in 1963 and, on the threshold of 60 years, continues: even today he is the most fashionable panther, with more than 160,00...

Visiting New York in 24 hours? Mission possible with Penelope and Quinn

Time Square, Central Park and the Brooklyn Bridge: follow us on this 24-hour trip to the Big Apple.

5 trends for a fashionable season changeover

Tartan textures, amphibian, bear coat. Here are the Fall / Winter 2020 garments by Original Marines.

Wienerbrød, bicycles and coloured little bricks: discovering Denmark with Levi and Lykke

Around the world to discover the protagonists of the #WeAreOriginal campaign.

All children are Original. Take mom’s and dad’s word for it. #weareoriginal

All children are Original for their parents: discover our #WeAreOriginal campaign, born during the lockdown for the New Fall Winter 2020 Collection.

Going to school with sharks. First lesson? Sewing. A journey to discover the most original #BackToSchools

Follow us on a journey to discover the most original #BackToSchools.

The wonders of snorkeling: discovering hidden treasures

The benefits of snorkeling: let's discover them together.

Manny, Crusoe, Scott, Tex e Doug: the most famous Dog Influencers

They find space in our hearts and on our social networks: they are Dog Influencers. Let's discover the most famous on the web.

Happy #friendshipday!

How to recognize a true friend? Just take a cue from these couples of inseparable cartoon friends. Happy #WorldFriendshipDay

Sustainable tourism: rules and advice for a green holiday

Ready for a holiday dedicated to sustainability? Here are our tips for a total green journey.

World emoji day: which are the most Original?

Happy #WorldEmojiDay. According to you which are the most original emojis? Tell us in the comments.

World Kiss Day: the top 5 of the most romantic kisses in the history of cinema

Ready to get excited with the most romantic kisses in the history of cinema? Happy #WorldKissDay