At Carnival, any outfit goes (or almost)

The most colourful celebration of 2021 is approaching: in less than two weeks, it will be Carnival time. The only time of the year when even fashion bloggers risk going unnoticed in the chaos of confetti, feather boas, psychedelic lights and fluorescent wigs.

While we are really looking forward to entertaining children with parties and confetti, there is another aspect that often creates problems for many mothers: the type of masks to choose. Many times, in fact, the choice of costumes for children turns into a race against time, in pursuit of the look of the latest Marvel hero or the classic Disney characters. How about trying something different this year? The do-it-yourself costume: an alternative that not only saves you time but also lets you clean up your children's wardrobes.

Just open your wardrobe or that of your children and choose some garments that can be reinvented for the occasion. The goal is to create the character or style you prefer, buying or borrowing only a few items of clothing.

For example, with a blue dress your young daughter can enter Alice's wonderland, completing the look with a white apron and black ballet flats and headband. If she has some gypsy spirit in her, it will certainly be easy to find something in the wardrobe to make her look a little like Esmeralda from The Hunchback of Notre Dame. A long skirt combined with a multicolour jacket or casual shirts that dad no longer wears. What's missing? Unkempt hair, rings, necklaces and bracelets... in other words, do not skimp on accessories! For boys, you will have to be a little more imaginative. A pair of worn jeans could be the perfect punk-style getup, an unconventional look that can be finished off with a ripped T-shirt and a colourful wig. With a leather jacket and a white T-shirt, your child can go back in time, interpreting the 1960s look of the unforgettable Fonzie from Happy Days.

How about a hippie couple combo look? Colourful clothes or a maxi shirt over a pair of jeans or a long skirt. To complete the outfit, teardrop sunglasses and a flower crown or a coloured or rubber headband to wrap around the head.

Unleash your Original side this year by reinventing old garments into new Carnival costumes and forgo the last-day races in search of the most popular costumes. Give free rein to your children's creativity and let this occasion be the time when you can also tidy up the whole family's wardrobes.