Christmas is coming: here are some Original Marines gift ideas to celebrate it in style.

Lights, packages and colors: Christmas has finally arrived in every home and in the streets of the cities. As every year, the race for the perfect gift to put under the tree starts and this year we at Original Marines have decided to give you a hand by offering you Christmas-themed gift ideas perfect for your children.

Here are our tips to surprise your loved ones and live magical moments.

It's cold outside, everyone in the house crawling.

During this period, children, especially the youngest ones, are best kept warm and to do so we suggest a cute Disney® onesie. A perfect garment for your little one, not yet old enough to walk but already curious to explore the world. Or in this case the living room at home, on all fours. And as much as he is too tired of wandering, here is a soft cover to accompany him in his rest.

The look for Christmas morning.

We know, on Christmas morning your children will not wait to get up to discover the gifts under the tree. And for the occasion, on you can find a warm dressing gown that your little girl can comfortably wear while she is unwrapping her gifts. And for him? A fleece onesie in a complete Christmas mood.

Small gifts hanging on the tree.

This year the gifts will also be hung on the tree. The Original Marines non-slip socks will be the perfect complement to your children's gifts. An always useful gift that you can find in a special pack: a ball to hang on the tree as a decoration, waiting to be unwrapped.

What are you waiting for? Start your Christmas shopping on, Original Marines Christmas is ready to surprise you with chic looks and elegant solutions for your children.