The magic of Christmas told through fairy tales

Here we are, ready to celebrate another Christmas with the whole family. This year at Original Marines, to make you immerse yourself even more in the atmosphere, we have decided to tell you some Christmas fairy tales, giving you a moment to share with the whole family. Maybe in front of a nice fireplace. So call mum, dad, grandparents, uncles, nieces and nephews together and enjoy 3 stories in full Christmas style.

The legend of the Christmas tree

Once upon a time there was a lumberjack who was married to a young woman he loved very much. Since he loved her very much, he wanted her to have good things to eat and a house that was always warm and therefore he spent a lot of time in the woods cutting wood, partly to resell it and partly to heat his house, which had a nice fireplace. stone. On Christmas Eve he was returning home late as usual and saw, looking up, a beautiful tall and majestic spruce. He was taking measurements to see if he could cut it when he noticed that among its branches, in the darkest night, he could see the stars and that their light seemed to shine right from the branches.

Fascinated by this show, he decided at that moment two things: the first was that he would leave the old fir tree where it was and the second that he had to show his wife this beautiful sight: he then cut a smaller fir tree, brought it in front of the house and there he lit small candles which he placed on the branches (without accidentally setting the tree on fire). The lumberjack's wife, from the window, saw the tree so illuminated and fell in love with it to the point of letting the roast burn. From that moment on, the woodcutter's beautiful wife always wanted to have a lit fir tree for Christmas and the neighbors, finding it beautiful to look at, soon imitated the woodcutter. This use then expanded and the Christmas tree became one of the symbols of Christmas.

The fairy tale of Santa Claus

Many, many years ago, in Lapland, in a hut in the woods, surrounded by fir trees, near a cheerful stream of clear and fresh water, Christmas lived, who devoted himself every day to cultivating his garden, to take care of his reindeer and to carve wood, living quietly. He always wore red, his favorite color. He was a very good and generous old man with a long white beard and often helped without ever pulling back all his neighbors. One day he thought that what he was doing was too little and he began to think: he wanted to find a way to be able to give others something more. That evening he had a dream: In the dream a little angel appeared to him: he was very beautiful and graceful and, with a sweet little voice, he explained to him that there were many children in the world but many of these were poor and could not afford anything, even they like all the other luckier children wanted toys, but they could never have them, the angel's heart was filled with sadness and a tear ran down his face, Natale who was very sensitive asked the little angel what he could do to make it pop on the faces of all the children a smile and a little happiness in their hearts. The angel replied that, if Christmas wanted, he could help them. He should have left by loading a sack full of gifts into his sleigh pulled by his reindeer to give to each child.

The first games that Santa Claus gave were built with his own hands: he carved dolls, toy cars, puppets and all sorts of toys in wood. But to satisfy all the children in the world he needed help, so it was that Santa Claus got help from Elves who were nothing but little nice-faced angels who helped him build toys, load them on the sled and deliver them on time every year on Christmas Eve! Santa Claus then enters every house that night by descending from the fireplace and filling the socks that each child hangs under the fireplace, as usual, and placing the other larger packages under the pine trees adorned with lights and various decorations: balls, candles, candy canes, and even in the homes of the poorest families the pine trees were adorned with nuts, mandarins, dried fruit, which perfumed the festive air and were then eaten together in the family. Thanks to the magic of love it was thus possible for Santa Claus to always be on time in delivering his gifts in order to make all the children of the world happy! And bring a smile to their faces and hearts!

The elves and the shoemaker

Once upon a time there was a shoemaker who had leather for only one pair of shoes in his shop. One morning he went into his shop and saw on the bench a pair of shoes already beautiful and sewn. He was amazed by the fact, but then he took them and put them in the window. A little later a gentleman came in and bought them. With that money, the shoemaker bought the leather for two more pairs of shoes. In the morning he found two pairs of well-finished shoes on the bench again. And there was no shortage of buyers, so that the shoemaker could buy more leather. The next morning he found all the shoes beautifully sewn.

And so he went on: the leather he prepared in the evening, in the morning he found in increasing shoe sizes. Christmas was near and the shoemaker said to his wife:

Instead of going to bed, couldn't we wait to see who comes to help us every night? His wife immediately said yes and they hid in a corner.

And lo and behold, at precisely midnight, two small, handsome and well-made little men appeared, dressed only in their shirts, who sat one on both sides in front of the shoemaker's desk and, with their expert hands, began to join, to drill, to beat, to sew.

Before dawn they left without being able to see where they were passing through to get out.

In the morning, the wife said to the shoemaker:

Don't you think we should show our gratitude to those two little men?

I got the idea that with only the shirt on, maybe they are cold: wouldn't it be good if I sewed shirts, panties, jackets, caps and socks for them?

The husband immediately replied:

Magnificent idea!

His wife went to work and when everything was ready they placed the gifts on the counter and hid to see what the two goblins would do. At midnight, when they entered, and saw those pretty garments, they burst into indescribable joy. In a moment they put on everything, they looked at each other in the mirror, then they began to: walk around saying: - How beautiful we are! How well these dresses fit!

They began to dance and jump on the chairs and on the stools, until thus dancing and jumping they went out as always without anyone being able to see how. From that evening they never returned.

But the shoemaker was now rich and could live happily ever after.