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Virtual tour to discover the museums of the world

Discover virtually the best museums of the world. Naturally, with us... #OriginalAtHome.

The 29th of February is really Original!

An old Italian say goes something like “Leap year, tragic year”. But setting aside superstition, the extra day we get on a leap year, the fateful 29th of February, has never hurt anyone, other than those...

The 8th of March of rebellious girls

Dream bigger, aim higher, fight harder. And, if in doubt, remember: you are right

Anything goes at Carnival!

Masks, confetti, floats, dancers, stilts: Carnival is coming. Follow us in a discovery tour of the most Original Carnival festivals around the Planet!


In springtime, life is Original

Original is what we are. Original because we are unique, and because we are the first, the natural and authentic originals.

#Original Oscars for best animated feature films of the year And the Oscar goes to…

Oscar Night is approaching and every movie fan is focusing onto the red carpet at the Dolby Theatre in Los Angeles.

The Super Bowl is a family party!

The Super Bowl is the biggest sporting event in the United States, and every year it is a topic in Europe too, where American football has few aficionados. This tradition that goes beyond the mere game, and it shows how good Americans are in tr...

Happy Chinese New Year! 3 fun facts and a tip on how to celebrate the Year of the Rat

China is celebrating: it’s the year of the Rat, whose beginning is honoured all over the country with concerts, dance performances, festivals, and the traditional release of the lanterns on January 25 for Chinese New Year. According to Ma...

Befana Stocking: many DIY ideas for a super Original Epiphany!

The Epiphany is a magical celebration, yet it’s a little sad: the last dose of happiness before Carnival, a sweet goodbye to the most wonderful period of the year. However, there is a way to make the wait for the nice Old Lady even more m...

The best memories of 2019? All inside the Original Time Capsule!

We are just about to say goodbye 2019 and officially welcome 2020. A year is always full of moments to remember: precious memories to cherish in our heart and our mind. Why not collecting them in a time capsule? A special box to open up again i...

Let’s all cook for #Thanksgiving!

Oh, say can you see… Every year the last Thursday in November is Thanksgiving.  This American age-old celebration dates back to the time of the Pilgrim Fathers, to the day when people gave thanks for the year’s harvest.  ...

From “Carosello” to YouTube: long live children's television!

For almost 70 years, grandparents, parents and children have gathered around it. Through television, we saw man first step on the Moon and experienced World Cup victories. Over time, it has expanded dramatically, be...