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Best wishes to all mothers, our super heroines!

On Mother's Day, as done with dads, we give you the top 3 of the ones we love most in the cartoon world!

Original Easter: 3 DIY bunnies to wish everyone a Happy Easter!

It’s the perfect time to dedicate oneself to those "do it yourself" jobs with our children that between one commitment always end up putting off?

Anything goes at Carnival!

Masks, confetti, floats, dancers, stilts: Carnival is coming. Follow us in a discovery tour of the most Original Carnival festivals around the Planet!


Happy Chinese New Year! 3 fun facts and a tip on how to celebrate the Year of the Rat

China is celebrating: it’s the year of the Rat, whose beginning is honoured all over the country with concerts, dance performances, festivals, and the traditional release of the lanterns on January 25 for Chinese New Year. According to Ma...

Befana Stocking: many DIY ideas for a super Original Epiphany!

The Epiphany is a magical celebration, yet it’s a little sad: the last dose of happiness before Carnival, a sweet goodbye to the most wonderful period of the year. However, there is a way to make the wait for the nice Old Lady even more m...

The best memories of 2019? All inside the Original Time Capsule!

We are just about to say goodbye 2019 and officially welcome 2020. A year is always full of moments to remember: precious memories to cherish in our heart and our mind. Why not collecting them in a time capsule? A special box to open up again i...

Let’s all cook for #Thanksgiving!

Oh, say can you see… Every year the last Thursday in November is Thanksgiving.  This American age-old celebration dates back to the time of the Pilgrim Fathers, to the day when people gave thanks for the year’s harvest.  ...

From Beethoven and Michael Jackson: our perfect playlist for your Halloween party

Every master of horror knows it: there is no truly scary movie without its soundtrack. For the success of a spooky Halloween party, it’s essential to pick the soundtrack that spreads the right amount of terror! And there is a scientific b...

Ferragosto, Mid-Summer-Break in all the languages of the world

Trips to the countryside, family meals, and long days on the beach: for us Italians Ferragosto is one of the most important events of the summer, a feast of the season that we would not want to miss before going bac...

Stars and stripes: the birth of the American Flag, a 4th of July celebration.

Today, 4th of July 2019, the United States celebrates the 243 birthday!  Millions of American are ready to fire up their barbecues, engage in impromptu football games in the backyard, attend parades and enjoy b...

Baby divers are coming!

Have you ever noticed how a newborns moves in the water?  It’s an amazing sight, because it seems as though the baby already knows how to swim: even keeping eyes and mouth open, just like a puppy!  Unfortunately, this innate abi...

It’s Easter time! A thousand looks for a Special Day

Eggs and salami for breakfast, never ending lunches and then chocolate: milk, white, dark, and as much as you like! Easter in Italy is the Special Day to enjoy a special lunch: well dressed, with elegant shoes and s...


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