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Going to school with sharks. First lesson? Sewing. A journey to discover the most original #BackToSchools

Follow us on a journey to discover the most original #BackToSchools.

Discovering the Blue Planet

Happy #WorldOceansDay. Let's find out 4 curiosities about these immense expanses of water.

World Environment Day

Ready to become little ecologists. Happy World Environment Day.


World Bee Day: let's discover the curiosities and the role of our friends

Let's celebrate World Bee Day and find out some curiosities about our little friends together.

Flowers, bicycles, umbrellas and special lunches: back to school around the world

The sadness as the summer fades, the adrenaline rush of a new adventure and even a touch of impatience for the more curious and bold among us. The beginning of a new school year is certainly one of the most exciting times for children, and peop...

Tiny strategies for a smooth back to school

Back to School is upon us and it may be a tough time for children to face. Having to suddenly give up summer habits, relaxed rhythms, long hours of sleep or entire days spent outdoors in order to resume the daily gr...

Homework: yes or no?

During these days millions of boys and girls are going back to school, and many of them are experiencing the intense emotion of their first days of elementary school (for some years now called “primary school&...

The first day of school: ten tips for parents and children

The first day of school is fast approaching, and for children of primary school (or elementary school, as we still like to call it) this is a really important moment. Not to mention for moms and dads: how many times...

Mum, can we play rugby?

It is one of the oldest sports in modern history, just to mention one of the most popular and fascinating. We're talking rugby, the sport that has been gaining ground in Italy over the last 15 years,...

Wild kids: there's no stopping our princesses!

Kids aren't like they used to be...and we can safely say this is a good thing!  As we watch our daughters growing up, we see more than just beautiful princesses: they'...

What should you do when your children tell lies?

At some stage, all parents will hear their children telling stories that might be called “lies”. Some will be realistic, while others will clearly be figments of their imagination. But are they all really lies? It depends. Children of different...

Should you give pocket money to your kids?

Every family has its own approach: some parents buy every little thing for their children themselves, some give them a little cash when they ask and some prefer to give their kids pocket money on a weekly or monthly basis. These can all be good...


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